Benefits Of Pleated Shades

It's about that time of year to start shopping for some new window blinds and shades. At Factory Direct Blinds, there are plenty of options to choose from at our online store. Our selection of pleated shades can be customized by measurement to fit practically any window in your home. While we just happen to have several versatile options, there are different types available to suit any budget, and home décor style. Some of the most popular choices include light filtering, cordless, and top down bottom up.

Top Down Bottom Up

Are you not familiar with the top down bottom up shades? The name originated from them having a top down bottom up option that is raised up from the bottom, and lowered from the top. The craze of top down bottom up shades is becoming one of the most popular options in window treatments for today's homeowners. They are remarkably versatile, and perfect for a broad range of rooms and lighting conditions.

Natural Light

If you want to draw in more natural light into your home, we've got you covered with our pleated shade selection. Our indoor shades allow you to choose from an assortment of colors with the added versatility top down bottom up function, and UV-ray** blocking capabilities to fit your family’s needs while enjoying the outdoors.

Easy to Clean

With a unique accordion-style fabric design, pleated shades bring out an image of simplicity, and are highly efficient at blocking out sunlight.** But like everything else in your home, pleated shades attract dust, dirt, and other debris or allergens in the air that can accumulate on the shade, and inside the folds of the fabric. Use a damp towel with soap or your vaccum to clean the pleated areas of your shades.

Inside Mount vs. Outside Mount Installation

Pleated shades are available in two differnt mounting styles, allowing you to customize your shades based on the size of your window and preferred look.

Inside Mount Installation

Inside mount installations are unquestionably attractive for homeowners who want to achieve a sleek, built-in look with their window coverings. Use the inside mounting option to hide the unattractiveness of your windows, and framework

Outside Mount Installation

Outside mount installations are flawless for windows with shallow window frames that can’t hold onto traditional mountings. An outside option preserves the appearance of intricate framework, and woodwork surrounding the window

Customize Your Order

Pleated shades are available online in both Simplistic, and classic shade options. Both options can be ordered as either traditional shades or top down bottom up shades. Made from 100% woven polyester with a variety of styles and color options our shades are a sure match for any room. Pleated shades are available between 18", and 72" in width and 24" to 84" in height. After purchasing, your order will typically ship within 2-4 business days.

Have any questions for us?

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