Our 6 Favorite Christmas Mantles!

Christmas is approaching quick is your home ready for the holidays? Fireplaces are rarely found in new homes but in homes that have them decorating them can make them the main focal point.

Whites and Golds are widely popular this year. Instead of the reds and greens that people usually associate with Christmas this is a more modern spin. Nut-Crakcers and Reindeers are great filler pieces to throw in there, and of course so are Christmas trees!

Earthy Christmas decor is up and coming. Lots of garland and pine cones add the perfect amount of Christmas flair. Again throwing some reindeers in the mix can give it more of a Christmas feel.

Tinsel, Elves and Reds! How much more Christmas can be on one mantle? Tons of faux trees and frosted garland filled with red ornaments and green ribbons make the mantle decor perfect. All of the extra decor can be found at home decor stores or craft stores.

Stocking and Wooden Nutcrackers. A more modern simple mantle that screams Christmas. Throwing up a gorgeous hand made sign with a beloved Christmas song ties it all in together. Of course added garland and ribbons can be fillers to finish off the look.

Adding reds & greens doesn't have to be difficult to match to your home decor. Filling garland and wreaths with cranberries is the perfect touch. Mix match different color trees and reindeers to tie in the look. More is always more when it comes to decorating for Christmas.

Classic Christmas is adding a nativity set into the mix. A nativity set alone is gorgeous and has a great story to it but adding in your families stockings and candles can make it a very delicate & beautiful center of your home.

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