DIY Craft Ideas for your kids

Kids seem to have endless energy. Especially during summer time, kids can get bored at home while you are at work or busy doing other things. You don’t have to worry anymore about keeping your kids busy or entertained. Taking care of your children can be fun, but at times you need rest. With just a few inexpensive supplies, you’ll keep your children entertained when you want to take a nap.  We got plenty of fun and unique DIY crafts for your kids to enjoy! Let’s craft!

Awesome DIY Crafts

# 1 Homemade Dough

Toddlers love to play with play-dough, but at times it can be expensive to buy so much of it. An excellent DIY craft that will save you time and money is creating homemade dough. Just by adding a cup of salt, two cups of flour and a cup of water, you will create a perfect mixture of homemade dough. Since the color is plain, you can add different food colorings and create different colors of dough for your children to play with. This DIY craft idea will entertain your kids for hours.

# 2 Tissue Box Guitar

Making a tissue guitar box is a great DIY craft that your kids will love. The only supplies you need are: an empty tissue box, empty paper towel roll, three rubber bands, tape, scissors, and markers. This DIY craft is super cheap and your kids will love it! Not only will they be able to entertain and have fun meanwhile doing it, but it is a toy that can last for a very long time.

# 3 Egg Carton Crafts

Don’t throw your leftover egg cartons! They can be used for a super fun DIY craft for your kids. Transform them into a creative decoration for your house. With just some temperas and an egg cartons your kids will be able to do some egg-ceptional flowers! For this DIY project you will only need the bottom part of the egg carton. Cut and separate each individual egg cup and trim the edges. Once its done, its time to paint! Select different colors for each egg cup and decorate them. Then pinch a hole in the middle of the cup and add a green pipe cleaner to create the stem of the flowers. Once you've created a couple put them in a vase!

# 4 Photo Frames

Everyone needs photo frames in their house. Save time and money and allow your kids to create your photo frames. From using colorful papers and temperas, to different cardboards and markers, this is a fun DIY craft your kids will love! You can choose from a variety of materials from your house and re-use them instead of throwing them away. Use leaves and twigs from your backyard and create beautiful DIY photo frames.

# 5 Matching Tie-Dye Shirts

Wouldn’t you want to have matching shirts with your kids? Instead of spending time at the mall and spending money, let your kids create DIY tie-dye shirts! This is a super fun DIY craft for your kids and the entire family. Kids love new clothes, and what a better way to get new shirts than for them to make them? Use old white t-shirts, or buy cheap ones at your nearest store, get your favorite colors, and let the crafts begin!

DIY crafts are not only cheap but they are super fun! Not only can you rest or do your own things while your kids craft, but it is also an excellent way to spend time with your kids! There are plenty of other DIY crafts for you and your family. Be creative and have fun!

Let the crafts begin!

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