St. Patrick's Day Celebration Brainstorm

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, families throughout the world are happily diving into all of the excitement and festivity that comes with it! From the decor to the foods, every detail is just important as the next when you are the host of a St. Patrick's Day soiree. Here are some ideas that will liven up any room and satisfy every guest!


If you are looking to craft with the kids, cutting a "m" shape from green cloth will make the cutest clover pin or hanging decor when threaded together at the bottom. Also, simple balloon tricks will do the deed when you are decorating your space! If you have spare balloons from Valentine's Day,  green heart shaped balloons can easily  form a lucky four leaf clover when you tie them together at the base! And whether you possess the talent to form a balloon arch with every  shade of the color spectrum or not, one balloon per primary color is still guaranteed to impress even the toughest of critics. I recommend the placement of the arch to be near your window treatment from Factory Direct Blinds because that is where the pot of gold really is!


Little finger foods will  keep your kitchen prep time minimal  and time spent chatting with guests maximum! Deviled eggs are always a crowd -pleaser. With a bit of green food coloring, these deviled eggs come alive with the spirit of St. Patrick's Day! If you want to stick to more traditional Irish foods, why not pack a big punch into small small skewers and sliders? Of course, no St. Patrick's Day is complete without corned beef and cabbage!


The key ingredient to these St. Patrick's Day treats is green food coloring! Classic chocolate chip cookies or home-made shamrock shakes will fulfill any sweet tooth and, the Irish soda bread is simply a must. A smidge of jam on top of the Irish soda bread is perfect for those who are not too fond of an occasional sugar overload.

Hopefully, this brainstorming session filled up your to-do list. These ideas are sure to make your home an annual stop for all of your family and friends every St. Patrick's Day.

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