Super Bowl Sunday!

I am normally not a football fan. I don't understand the rules and tend to get distracted when the game is on.  Once a year I make an exception for Super Bowl Sunday.  Usually, I am so busy eating or chatting that I end up missing part of the game.  To me, the best part of the day is all of the yummy food!  Here are some ideas to help you have a fabulous Super Bowl!


These great appetizers are individually sized, so no more worrying about double dippers!


A great way to keep track of your drink throughout the game.


Hot dog bar! Easy, cheap and super yummy.



Chalkboards are a great way to decorate, and you can reuse them for many occasions.

superbowl2 - Copy


These are one of my favorite party foods. Crescent rolls, string cheese and pepperonis make a great bite sized pizza rolls! Make sure to have pasta sauce on hand for dipping!

superbowl1 - Copy

You can't forget about the sweets! Get the kids involved and have them help decorate.




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