Who Chooses The Blinds for The White House?

Who Chooses The Blinds for The White House?
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Did you ever wonder who gets the job of decorating the White House and picking the blinds and shades for all the rooms?

You might be surprised to know that there are 132 rooms and 147 windows in the The White House and each of them needs to be decorated and covered to ensure privacy, safety and good looks.

So who has the job?

According to the White House Historical Society, the most important rooms in the building will retain the same window coverings through several administrations. However the Oval Office is changed much more frequently.
ehow puts it this way:
According to the White House Museum, architect Nathan C. Wyeth designed the Oval Office at the order of President William Howard Taft in 1909. The Oval Office is part of the West Wing of the White House. Presidents change the office to suit their personal style with many choosing new drapes to coordinate with their custom-made oval-shaped carpet.

Dark green drapes with eagle valances hung in the Oval Office from the William Howard Taft's administration to to the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Harry Truman changed the drapes to a blue-green. At the time of Jack Kennedy's death, pale curtains were installed. Lyndon Johnson chose to keep Kennedy's curtains and rug. Richard Nixon installed gold drapes. Gerald Ford kept Nixon's drapes for a while but later installed a pumpkin color valance over the gold curtains.

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As your are decorating or remodeling your rooms consider how you can make your home look more Presidential.

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