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Wooden Blinds

Custom Wood Blinds 

Made from 100% high-quality basswood, our custom wood blinds are designed and made to offer you the most light control and privacy control in any room where you need durable, stylish window treatments. The option to choose privacy, no holes, or a decorative cloth tape allows you to further control your privacy and lighting in each room. These customized controls also allow you to easily remove the slats for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Are Wood Blinds Right for You?

It's easy to fall in love with the classic, natural look and feel of wood blinds. However, even if they're in your budget, they may not be the best pick for every scenario. Real wood blinds do not do well in damp, high humidity areas. That's because the wood will swell easily, potentially damaging the true shape and style of the window blinds. Natural wood, though beautiful, is vulnerable to the elements. For humid climates, we recommend faux wood blinds from our huge selection.

New blinds, like real wood blinds, are a perfect fit for your dining room, living room, bedroom, or home office. Discover low price, natural  for your home in our selection at Factory Direct Blinds, and enjoy free shipping and the best customer service.


Cleaning Wood Blinds

Tips for cleaning and caring for real wood blinds can be found here: Tips for Cleaning Wood Blinds