How to Measure Your Window for a Roman Shade

So, you are interested in purchasing Roman Shades! Roman Shades are a fantastic choice for a new window treatment because they are notorious for protecting your interior decor from UV damage,  lowering your energy bill and adding a beautiful texture to the room. Not only do you get to reap the benefits of Roman Shades, you also get an enourmous selection to choose from when you shop from Factory Direct Blinds! Whether you want your Roman Shades ...





You are going to find exactly what your are looking for right here!

Assuming you have done your research and balanced out the pros and cons, the next step is pricing! Luckily you can measure your window and get a price quote straight from your home if you shop online with Factory Direct Blinds. Measuring from home is simple and should only take a few moments! Just check out this detailed how-to on Roman Shade Measuring!

When it is all said and done, order online or call Factory Direct Blinds at 1(800)355-2546 ! No other price and quality can compare!

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