Custom Shades Buying Guide

Shopping around for custom shades can be a daunting task, especially if you're searching for a specific size with custom colors. Windows are a prominent focal point in a room, and window shades should be both functional and decorative. In today's modern age, we've come a long way from hiding windows behind plain blinds. Instead, everyone likes to adorn each room in different ways that fit their budget. Here are a few things to consider before you make a big purchase on customized shades:

Safe For Children And Pets - Children and pets are innately curious about their surroundings. So, even essential household items like window shades can turn into possible hazards for them. Offering window treatments that are safe for homes with babies, children, and pets is a top priority for the team at Factory Direct Blinds. From cordless systems to retractable lift cords, wand controls, Factory Direct Blinds offers many innovative lifting systems designed for convenience, safety, and attractiveness in mind.

Budget-Friendly - Are you furnishing your entire home or just one room? What about rooms that don't require much TLC or spaces that need a nice elegant touch of class? You even might end up spending more or less on windows treatments depending on the custom size. Select fabrics, features, and patterns also add to the total price. Hopefully, your final purchase of window shades won't end up costing you a pretty penny.

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Less Maintenance - Are you not into dusting window coverings on a weekly basis? You'll need to look into shopping for easy to clean; low maintenance faux wood blinds and vertical blinds. These window treatments just need a quick pass with a vacuum cleaner attachment or a swift dusting to keep them looking new and fresh.

Personal Preference - What type of window shades are you looking into adding to your living space? Do you want your space to look warm and bright or more cozy with less sunlight? What about shades that block out light, giving you time during the late morning to catch up on sleep? Both light and privacy are two opposite sides of the spectrum. Factors like this will influence the fabrics and styles you end up choosing for your windows.

Measuring Windows

Be sure to record your window measurements. Before placing an online order, consider calling a Factory Direct Blinds customer service representative to confirm that your measurements are accurate.

Quick Measuring Tips

Measure the depth, width, and height in 3 places. For height, use the highest measurement to the nearest 1/8". For width, use the shortest measurement to the nearest 1/8".
For Horizontal Blinds - For outside mounts, you should consider adding overlapping height and width to guarantee the entire window will stay covered.
For Vertical Blinds - For the width, measure across the top, middle, and bottom of the window opening. Using the narrowest dimension, measure to the nearest 1/8”. By using the narrowest measurement the blind will operate correctly. For the length, measure the up and down dimension on the left, center, and right side. Use the shortest length measurement, measuring to the nearest 1/8”. The factory will make any appropriate deductions. Do not make any width or length deductions.
The factory will make any appropriate deductions. Do not make any width or length deductions.
Work with a steel tape measure for accuracy.
Measure each window, even those that seem to be the same height and width.
Be sure to check out our How To Measure Blinds And Shades Guide for more detail information!


Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to install window blinds. For best results, measure at three separate points with a tape measurer for both height and width and use the shortest measurement. Verify the depth of your window frame to detect if an inside mount is permissible. You can also find more info in our How To Install Blinds And Shades Guide.

Order affordable window treatments that are more safety-conscious with a broad swath of colors, fabrics, and styles. Find an exclusive window covering to spruce up your windows with custom shades from Factory Direct Blinds. Order a set of custom shades today to give your home a new, decorative look!