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Commercial Bids

Top-Notch Commercial Blinds

No matter what type of business you need commercial window shades for, you can find them here at Factory Direct Blinds. We carry a wide range collection of high-quality commercial window treatments. Whether it is for an office building, restaurant, retail business, apartment complex or any other commercial building, we have versatile options that create the perfect window and ambiance for any space. Not sure which commercial window blinds you would like for your office space? Utilize free blind samples to discover what would look best. Once you have found the perfect commercial blinds, get them delivered to your door with Free Shipping! And the best part is you will not need to employ any general contractors to install your commercial window shades, even on large windows. That’s right, you can set up your window covering 100 percent yourself as a DIY project. 

Commercial Window Treatments Save You Money
Perhaps one of the best aspects of getting commercial window blinds for your business or commercial building is that they have energy efficiency capabilities that reduce energy costs. With the right type of commercial blinds, like our solar shades for example, you can prevent UV rays from coming through the windows and warming up the space or conference rooms. On especially hot days, commercial window shades can ensure the energy bill costs stay low which is critical for running a business and reducing overhead. And for office buildings, it is paramount to have light control and an ergonomic workspace so employees are the most comfortable and productive. Don’t hesitate, reach out to us at to find the best commercial window treatments and commercial window blinds today!


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Commercial Window Coverings For The Business

Some of the most challenging window treatments to find are those for commercial projects which require a substantial quantity of blinds. Luckily for you, Factory Direct Blinds has made this process quick and easy. If you are looking for commercial blinds or commercial window shades for any of your projects, please contact us. We want to make sure you are getting the best window blinds and window shades for your budget. Are you interested in opening up a business or just want to jazz up your current location? Factory Direct Blinds not only provides window treatments for residential but also the commercial market. From hotels, retail stores, to restaurants, Factory Direct Blinds can provide commercial roller shades, commercial vertical blinds, and more to any institution or business.

Features From Commercial Window Coverings

Commercial shades like solar shades are an ideal window covering choice for commercial situations, providing durability, energy-efficiency, in addition to UV control. Commercial shades and blinds contribute to the overall functionality of the foundation in areas that require comfort, user experience, safety, and energy usage.

Commercial window treatments as a whole are very durable and built to last and remain hassle-free. Whether you require environmentally friendly, fire-retardant window treatments, energy-efficient window coverings or require child-safe window blinds, the perfect solutions are readily available. At Factory Direct Blinds, we also offer commercial roller shades, commercial vertical blinds, and more.

If you own a business or know of someone who does and may be in need of commercial window blinds or other commercial window treatments, please Email Us today for any inquiries.