Buying Vertical Blinds

Customize your window coverings by size, color, and texture with vertical blinds. Vertical window blinds are the perfect window covering for sliding glass doors and so much more. Vertical blinds are quite practical and come in a wide array of options. You can rotate them around with an attached cord or wand control. These rotating options will provide complete light control, will keep the blinds stacked evenly, and out of the way when left opened. Vertical blind styles may include faux wood, vinyl, or fabric materials. They're the perfect balance between function and fashion.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Consider vertical window treatments if you're shopping around for window coverings for large windows, sliding glass doors, or even room dividers. Vertical blinds make a great addition for wide window widths while opening them from side to side and not top to bottom.

When selecting the right window blind or shade there are pros for each type of window covering. We have listed the benefits of one of our most popular window treatments below.

    • Pivot the vanes to control light and privacy

    • Our versatile vertical blinds are sold in a variety of textures and colors

    • Child-safe wand control

    • UV protection

    • Hassle-free performance

    • Minimal maintenance

    • Made In The USA

Overall Maintenance of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are incredibly easy to care for and maintain. While horizontal blinds have a common problem with dust, your vertical blinds will just need an occasional cleaning with mild detergent and water.

Vertical Blind Safety Options For Children And Pets

Do you want your window coverings to be safer for your children and pets? Give cordless vertical blinds a try! Cords on window blinds can become a strangulation hazard for pets and kids. We sell cordless vertical blinds with a cordless system that you can operate by pulling and pushing on the bottom rail.

It's imperative to keep any cords out of harm's way to avoid any risks of strangulation. With corded blinds, we recommend that you tie up the pull cord safely out of the way from children and pets.

Vertical Blinds, An Inexpensive Choice

Customers that are looking for beautiful window treatment options for their home that are at low affordable prices will be pleased with our selection of vertical window blinds. All of our vertical blinds will complement any room's home decor while still sticking to a budget.

Why Buy Vertical Blinds?

The modern look of vertical blinds suits traditional, contemporary, and modern spaces. At Factory Direct Blinds, we sell ready-made blinds giving you a wide choice and ensuring you get exactly the right look for your window.

Are vertical blinds still keeping up with the latest modern trends? Definitely. Unattractive vertical blinds are a thing of the past. Modern vertical window treatments currently come in a wide variety of high-quality materials, designer colors, and width for light control and maximum design impact.

At Factory Direct Blinds, you'll find a wide variety of window coverings, including cutting-edge styles, classic looks, and designs. If you're looking to make a difference in your home's décor with the most sought-after, high-quality blinds and window shades on the market, we've got you covered.

Whether made from fabric, faux wood, smooth or textured PVC, verticals from Factory Direct Blinds are a budget-friendly way to keep your home looking extra special.

Don't forget to order free samples of your favorite window coverings to see what they look like in your space. Once you’ve figured out what you want, take a look at our measuring and installation instructions. Shop at Factory Direct Blinds for window blinds and more today!

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