Everything You Need to Know About Cordless Blinds

Everything You Need to Know About Cordless Blinds

If you’re looking for new window treatments for your home, consider cordless blinds. They’re one of the most popular types of coverings today for their style, function and safety options.  Before you compare them to your other favorite choices and browse for the right kind for your needs, it’s important to understand why they provide families with a distinct advantage — and how they’re different from the corded varieties.

What Are Cordless Blinds?

Cordless blinds and shades are window coverings that do not include the standard strings that most people are used to. There are no lines or rods hanging from the top rail, and there is nothing to pull. Instead, the strings that operate the treatments interlace inside the blind slats and do not run beside them. This unique design makes them much easier to use.

Many people are familiar with wooden and faux wood cordless treatments. While these are very popular, cordless shades come in several styles, including single cell and classic pleated shades. Many types of roller shades, textured PVC vertical blinds and classic S-curve vertical blinds also come without regular cords. Additionally, you can select from light filtering, blackout or solar shade options. Like standard blinds and shades, there is a design to fit every person’s desires and budget.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

It’s easy to operate cordless coverings. Only one hand is required. Simply pull down the bottom rail to lower your design. Raise the blind or shade up by pushing up from the base of the rail. If you want to open and close the slats, tilt the rail forward or backward. Unlike some standard window treatments, each operation only takes a couple of seconds.

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Cordless Blind Benefits

Window treatment manufacturers are selling more cordless products than ever. Homeowners, interior design bloggers and home improvement professionals alike are recommending them to their friends and customers for the way they enhance a home’s appearance and a family’s quality of life. According to design experts and laypeople, the biggest benefits include:


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With no lines of string to hang about or become knotted up, homeowners are able to enjoy a sleeker, cleaner look. Without the extra cords, it’s easy to focus the eye on the artistry and charm of each fabric vertical, woven wood shade or faux wood covering. The latest design innovations also make it easy for each buyer to find the exact type of shades or blinds they love. There are no limitations to the colors and materials available, which means there is never a need to sacrifice style for function.

Interior decorators will tell you the options are as impressive as the lack of cords. Buyers are never limited to a plain-looking blind. For instance, single cell, 9/16-inch light filtering shades come with a white backing for an impressive street view, but still allow some diffused sunlight to glow inside. Since they come in a rainbow of colors — like teal, stone red and antique pewter — they also provide interior vibrancy and a subtle enhancement to contemporary and traditional décor.

Sharp 14-percent solar screen roller shades come in several different fabrics and trendy colors like silver, charcoal and white linen. These hues open up even the smallest room while blocking harsh light, improving energy efficiency and evoking a cozy, comfortable feel. You can explore the details of each product by checking with your custom blinds manufacturer.


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Kids and pets are curious, especially when it comes to hanging strings and cords. Window treatments without exposed lines keep small children and cats from getting caught in the blinds or pulling them down. These safety features make going cordless perfect for new parents, homes with young or untrained animals and landlords renting their spaces. Safer shades provide peace of mind, prevent serious injury, increase product lifespan and reduce the risk of claims, lawsuits and complaints.

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When families are concerned about budget, they may purchase a poor quality set of shades or blinds from a home improvement or department store. While these products usually come with cords, they could also be made with shabby materials. In contrast, cordless treatments purchased from a window treatment manufacturer are always made with care.

Each item is customized to fit your exact window measurements. Many also include a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that the makers stand behind the beauty and durability of their design. What’s more, a wealth of varieties are just as affordable as those in big-box stores — but will last longer than the alternatives. Even if you prefer a premium style and spend a few more dollars upfront, you will benefit from your covering’s value over the long run.


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No matter where you live or which room you’re installing your blinds in, there is a style for you. Choose blackout single cell or roller shades for your bedroom or the baby’s nursery, or select faux wood blinds to add warmth to your kitchen or bathroom without warping due to moisture. If you’re interested in a subtle, modern look, consider classic top-down, bottom-up pleated shades, which are an excellent choice for living rooms, family rooms and dining areas. If your space’s personality is luxe and dramatic, textured PVC blinds covered in plush fabric will evoke a feeling of opulence.

There is no need to limit yourself to basic colors like white, cream or gray — although they’re available if you’d like. Purchasing from a manufacturer allows you to choose from dozens of interesting hues. Color options for cordless shades and blinds include water green, royal purple and pink flamingo. You can also find wood tones and earth tones like oak, wheat and tortoise.

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Put the days of fumbling with your blinds behind you. With a simple, quick one-handed pull or easy flick of the wrist, you can pull your blinds up, push them down and tilt them open and closed. Add more sunlight to the room while holding your toddler or eliminate the glow of outdoor street lighting while simultaneously browsing for an action-packed show or movie with your TV remote.

You’ll never waste time untying snarled lines, slowly twisting a rod to get your treatments open or pulling frantically to get a stubborn shade unstuck. Cordless coverings are always unconstrained, agreeable and conducive to multitasking.

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Important Details to Consider

When budgeting for your cordless treatments, think about the room in which you are installing them. If your kitchen, living room or bedroom has several windows, you will want to replace all the coverings so they will look uniform. Refrain from replacing only a couple of openings with roller shades or vertical blinds. One room with a couple different styles of blinds will look mismatched and unkempt.

Some homeowners replace their corded blinds with a cordless style in a couple of spaces in their residence, only to feel like their standard shades now look old and outdated. Think about switching out all of your regular treatments for cordless up front — or at least be ready to invest in the near future. Many families report their desire for more beautiful designs for every room once they see the style and functional benefits of their newest coverings.

There are some instances when you will weigh the benefits versus potential limitations of cordless blinds. While these coverings work perfectly for almost every window, there are some apertures that may function better with a shade that has a cord. These include windows with a width of over 100 inches. If you have a cordless style, two separate people may have to be available to open and close a treatment of this size evenly. A standard line would allow a single individual to operate the set of heavier, larger blinds. If you don’t mind asking for a hand each time you open and close your window, it still may be advantageous to think about a cordless covering.

If space is limited and your blinds or shades are behind a large sofa or television, cordless styles may be tough to maneuver. This is because the bottom rail could be hidden by the furniture or appliance. Should you have limited access to the lower half of your window treatment, consider how often you’ll be getting behind the item to let in more sunlight.

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Some two-story homes and residences with exceptionally high ceilings come with bow or arch windows that are out of reach. These are not only difficult to clean but to operate with coverings. Many homeowners with these types of openings have automatic lift systems, so shades can be opened or closed with a remote.

Besides these unique considerations, cordless shades and blinds are often a preferred choice for most windows. A careful look at each of your favorite manufacturer’s options will allow you to choose the type that is right for you. They may even carry the same colors and styles both with and without cords, so you can accommodate your biggest or highest windows while finding the same kind of single cell shade or roller shade free of the extra lines.

How to Purchase Cordless Blinds

If you’re ready to buy cordless blinds in the style and color of your choice, it’s time to go online. Navigate to the website of a factory that manufactures each set of blinds based on the homeowner’s unique specifications. Browse through their menu of shades for those that are cordless. Select vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, solar shades for porch and sunroom windows and vinyl roller shades for bedrooms. The choice is truly yours.

Once you’ve found the treatment you desire, it’s necessary to provide the manufacturer with the right height and width measurements. Decide whether you prefer an inside or outside mount, then whether you need blinds that are horizontal or vertical. Once you have the correct numbers, it’s time to provide them to the factory company and purchase the products you need. After you order them, your new treatments will be shipped in a short time directly to your door.

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Should you feel unsure about which cordless products you want, read the manufacturer’s product details. Consider whether the color options, fabrics and contemporary or modern look will fit your room’s purpose and fashion. For example, real wood cordless blinds won’t last long in a moisture-laden area like a bathroom or kitchen. If you like the look of wood, choose a faux oak or mahogany style instead.

If solar screens look great on the website but don’t match the feel of your bedroom, skip them for a design that truly fits your needs and personality. Consider examining the current treatments in your home or asking a design-savvy friend or family member for their recommendations.

Improving Your Home’s Appearance with Cordless Blinds  

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Gone are the days when your shades were not the style you desired — or caused more stress than they were worth. Improvements in design and technology for window treatments mean each set of blinds in your home can and should be beautiful, functional and fun. Swap your current coverings for a cordless variety and you’ll be instantly impressed by their ease of use, safety benefits and appearance. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors and party guests are asking you where you got your coverings and how to make their home look as chic and inviting.

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