How to Measure Your Windows for Mini Blinds

How to Measure Your Windows for Mini Blinds
If you’re looking for the perfect replacement for your shabby or out-of-date horizontal window treatments, consider purchasing and installing mini blinds. These trendy design options are easy to clean, complement any interior scheme, and provide excellent light control. While it’s easy to understand the advantages of this popular alternative to the venetian blind, measuring your windows properly will provide you with the best custom fit.

Thankfully, measurement is a simple process that even the least DIY-savvy homeowners can complete in a matter of minutes. Follow the steps we’ve outlined here to find the most precise dimensions for each space in your home.

Step 1: Gather Your Window Measuring Supplies

To properly measure any window in your home, you will need a measuring tape, pencil and notepad. You may also want an extra piece of paper or a highlighter to specially mark the most important numbers. For instance, you may need to give the narrowest or longest height or width to the manufacturer after recording several other similar dimensions. An extra pad or colored tool allows you to easily distinguish the most important numbers from your other data.

Step 2: Decide If You Prefer Inside or Outside Mounted Blinds

Now that you have your supplies, the measurement process for your mini blinds will depend on whether you are choosing an inside or outside mounted style. Inside mounted blinds sit inside the window casing and do not cover any portion of your aperture’s molding.

In contrast, outside mounted blinds are installed on the wall and cover the ornamentation or carved strip around your window area. Once you determine your preference, you are ready to move on to Step 2 for an inside mount. If you select outside mounted blinds, skip Step 3 and proceed directly to Step 4.

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Step 3: Measure for Your Inside Mounted Mini Blinds

Only proceed with this step if you selected inside mounted blinds. First, measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of each window. On your notepad, write down or highlight the narrowest width for your manufacturer. Next, calculate the height at the window’s left, middle and right sides. The longest height is provided to the factory.

Step 4: Measure for Your Outside Mounted Mini Blinds

This step is only for outside mounted mini blinds. The advantage of this measurement process is that you will have to do less measuring. First, measure the exact width of the area where you will install the blind. Add 3 or more inches of overlap to that number for your preferred privacy and light control needs.

Next, measure the height of the window from the top of where you will install the headrail to the bottom of the sill. Windows without sills can be measured to the desired point of reach. For instance, if you would like your mini blinds to reach close to the floor, ensure your measuring tape extends near your hardwood, tile or carpet. Once you get this number, add 1-1 1/2 inches for the optimal light control and privacy.

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Selecting Your Ideal Mini Blind Style

Once you have your measurements for your inside or outside mounted style, it’s time to find your ideal color and design. Choose from durable aluminum with light control or room darkening options. Most mini blinds come in 6 gauge or 7 gauge material, depending on your preference.

Select an on-trend hue like white satin, smoky grey, pitch black, mocha or gulf blue. The boldest color selections include black satin, brushed bronze, garnet red and forest green. When you find what you like, you will be able to provide the exact height and width measurement for each window to your custom manufacturer. The most reputable and customer-oriented factories provide fast manufacturing and free shipping, so you can focus on selecting the color and design for your needs.

With these measurement tips in mind, you will take the guesswork out of the custom blinds process and ensure each set of mini blinds in your home fits like a glove. This will ensure every horizontal window blind in your residence looks clean and stylish while giving your family the best in energy efficiency, light control and privacy.

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