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Cordless Vinyl Blinds

You have an array of choices when selecting window treatments. You could opt for fabric window shades, which look attractive and often provide light-filtering properties. If you want a more traditional look, faux wood blinds may be a better choice.

But you also have the option of cordless vinyl mini blinds.

What makes them a good choice compared to other window treatments?

Easy to Clean

Other types of blinds are often difficult to clean, especially if they get stained. That’s not the case with vinyl mini blinds. Cordless blinds don’t have a cord that may get in the way when cleaning. Plus, you can wipe vinyl blinds down with soapy water, which isn’t advisable with fabric blinds.


If you’re looking for cost-effective window treatments, vinyl blinds are the best option. They’re the least expensive while still offering an attractive aesthetic. Better yet, you can always add fabric to vinyl blinds if you want to change up their look later on.

No Cords

Anybody who has pets or children will tell you that having loose cords dangling around is a hazard. But even if you don’t have those concerns, cordless vinyl blinds are a great choice. They’re easy to operate with one hand, meaning you can tweak them to your heart’s content. 


Durability is another benefit of vinyl blinds. They’re moisture-resistant and easily stand up to changes in temperature. As long as you care for your blinds properly, they’ll last for many years.

Get Cordless Vinyl Blinds from Factory Direct Blinds

Whether you’re looking for vinyl cellular shades or window blinds, we have what you need at Factory Direct Blinds. Shop from our range today to discover vinyl blinds in an array of styles and patterns. And if you’re not sure which style to choose, check out our handy Pleated Shades vs. Cellular Shades guide to help you make your choice.


How to install cordless vinyl blinds on inside mount?

Installing vinyl cordless mini blinds or window blinds is fairly straightforward. You need to fit brackets to your window’s frame or the wall surrounding the window. With the brackets installed, mount the window blinds. If you need more help, our guide on how to install cellular shades goes into more detail.

Can you shorten cordless vinyl blinds?

It’s possible to shorten vinyl blinds. Cordless varieties are simpler as they require you to uninstall the blind before carefully cutting holes through the slats. This allows you to remove them from the blind. Make sure you cut only the outer ladder string when doing so, otherwise you’ll destroy the entire blind.

How do cordless vinyl blinds work?

Cordless vinyl blinds work using a bottom rail, which lets you control the blind. Use this rail to pull the blind down. Then, give it a tug to raise the blind automatically. Some rails come with twist functionality, which lets you open and close the blinds easily.

How to hang cordless vinyl blinds?

Hanging cordless vinyl blinds or cordless vinyl mini blinds requires you to install brackets on which to mount the blinds. The installation guide shared above goes into more detail.