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Vinyl Blinds with Cord

Back in the day, all blinds featured cords used to pull them up and down. Over time, such blinds became outdated and were almost completely replaced by more modern options – cordless blinds.

Some consider vinyl blinds with a cord an eyesore. Not to mention that the cord can be a potential hazard for small children who can get caught up in it. Plus, the cord is often the target of merciless attacks by house pets.

There’s also another way to look at vinyl blinds with cords. Many people consider them a classic. The blinds have a timeless look, and the way they’re controlled takes many homeowners back to simpler times. You won’t see many stores selling vinyl blinds with cords simply because people choose more modern options by default. But, if you want to purchase these blinds, you can find them at Factory Direct Blinds. We also sell cordless options, budget blinds, bamboo shades, blackout blinds, and much more. Our helpful staff can assist you in finding the best solution for your home and enjoying exceptional visual appearance combined with maximum functionality. We can also teach you how to measure blinds and ensure they fit your windows perfectly.


Do they make blinds with cords anymore?

For many people, cordless blinds are the only option. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find blinds with cords anywhere. Many people choose them because they have a classic, traditional look that gives a unique appeal to any room. If you’re looking for quality, affordability, and durability, purchase blinds with cords from Factory Direct Blinds. 

What are blinds with cords called?

They’re called corded blinds. 

How do you use window blinds with cords?

The exact steps depend on the type of blinds you have. As you can assume, the secret is in pulling the cord, often at a specific angle. When you buy window blinds with cords from Factory Direct Blinds, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to use them. You can also find extensive tutorials and videos on using window blinds with cords on the internet.

What is the difference between cellular and vinyl blinds?

Both cover your window to ensure privacy, block sunlight, and/or add a unique visual appeal. But, the key difference is that vinyl blinds feature slats that can be opened and closed, while cellular shades are made in one piece and of softer materials.