5 Reasons Roman Shades Are a Must-Have for Winter

5 Reasons Roman Shades Are a Must-Have for Winter
Thinking about purchasing new window treatments in time for winter? You’ll be making a smart investment. Blinds and shades are among the most affordable and impactful purchases for improving your home inside and out. Of course, you’ll have to decide what type of product is best for your home.

Homeowners who experience frigid, snowy conditions will benefit from Roman shades in more ways than one. Discover some of the top reasons below why you should shop these popular window coverings for the winter season. We’ll also explain what to look for when choosing Roman shades so you get the best deal.

1. They Keep Heat Inside

Shades and blinds with large slats or wide openings look light, airy and stylish in the summer. Unfortunately, these same coverings will cause precious warmth to escape from your home in the winter. Roman shades are among the best blinds to keep heat in because they don’t have slats.

The thick and durable material prevents warmth from escaping while restricting the amount of cold air that can come through your windows. Switch to Roman shades before the wintry weather sets in. You’ll find that each room stays more cozy and comfortable.

2. They Increase Your Furnace’s Efficiency

When more heat stays inside, your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard. Since your heat won’t have to turn on as often, this can translate to big savings on your utility bill. Depending on the type of machine you have, your average furnace lifespan should be between 13 and 20 years. Less wear and tear means you can keep your same heater for much longer.

Emergency furnace repairs and replacements chip away at a family’s holiday budget. They can also easily ruin a relaxing staycation. Reduce the chances of enduring a stressful, costly fix by investing in window coverings as a proactive and effective solution.

3. They’re Easy to Layer

Custom-fitting Roman shades are designed to hug the frame of each window in your home. This is one of the main features that helps to keep warm air inside and frigid temperatures outdoors. The design will also allow you to layer them with other window treatments. Hang long blackout drapes over your Roman shades or place winter-friendly cellular shades on top.

The combination will not only look trendy and put-together, but it’ll also make sure your room stays as warm as possible while doubling the effectiveness of your energy efficiency. Many manufacturers’ top products also come equipped with a light-filtering liner so you can sleep in during your holiday break.

closeup grey roman curtains

4. They Maximize the Power of Sunlight

Most homeowners welcome as much sunlight as possible during the winter months. After all, it’s the most powerful, nourishing and natural form of energy our families can enjoy. Roman shades don’t only increase the impact of warm air—they make the sun more effective. This is important since there are fewer hours of sun during the winter than at any other time of year.

Feel free to leave your shades open when the sun is at its brightest. Close them as soon as it gets shady or you begin to lose light in your home. If you must leave your house for work or leisure, keep the shades shut at all times.

5. They’ll Match Your Winter Décor

Roman shades come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. Whether you desire a natural hue that will go with any décor or a type of window treatment that perfectly matches your holiday knickknacks, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you prefer an elegant yet clean look in your home, try a Victorian-style Roman shade in Daytona Linen or Del Mar Silver. Go bolder with rich solids in seasonal colors like Delray Lacquer or Delray Sprout. Premium prints include opulent brocade, Mediterranean lattice designs and refined stripes.

dining room with roman curtains

Roman Shades Make a More Comfortable Winter

While shopping for Roman shades will make your home cozier this winter, they’ll also improve your family’s comfort year-round. The same barrier that works to keep the warmth inside during the cold season will also hold in air conditioning during the summer. Since these window coverings are durable and stylish, they’ll also enhance the look of your home the entire year.

Have your shades custom-fitted for the most impact. Measuring your windows and purchasing them direct from the factory means you will receive quality treatments at the best prices. Now, all you need to do is have your measurements ready and decide on your features and ideal color. In as little as a few days, you will receive your custom shades on your doorstep. These high-performance, beautiful and dynamic window treatments will be one of the best holiday gifts you give your family.

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