What Are Solar Shades and How Do They Work?

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When it comes to window treatments for your home, there are tons of options from which to choose. There are options to suit any style, from traditional mini blinds and roller blinds to gorgeous Roman shades and top-down bottom-up cellular shades. Sometimes, though, choosing the right window treatments is about much more than just aesthetics. In these situations, it’s crucial to select the style that best meets your needs. 

Solar shades are an excellent solution when you have excessive sunlight shining in through your windows that you are hoping to block out. They have exceptional light- and sun-blocking properties and can keep your home cooler, protect against harmful UV rays. They also keep your furniture, carpet and other surfaces from fading. You can choose from different percentages to control precisely how much light you want to block out. Read on to learn more about these remarkable window treatments and the benefits they offer. 

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What Are Solar Shades? 

Solar shades are a lot like sunglasses for windows. They decrease the intensity of the sunlight shining through your windows, but they will allow you to see outside. With them, you can enjoy the view without being blinded by the sun. And, in addition to blocking the annoying glare, they protect you, your furniture, your carpet and your upholstery from the sun’s damaging rays. Solar shades come in different openness factors, which represent how much light they let in. 

This type of shade is made from a tightly woven coated material that blocks out sun and heat. Most often, the material is vinyl. There are, however, other options from which to choose. Ordering samples is the best way to determine which material and openness will best suit your home. 

What Does “Openness” Mean? 

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When shopping for this type of shade, you’ll notice percentages ranging from 0 to 14 percent. As mentioned, these numbers refer to the shade’s openness and how much sunlight it lets in. The lower the percentage, the tighter the fabric is woven. A tighter weave lets in less sunlight, but it also blocks more of your view. A higher percentage shade gives you a better view of the outside, but it also lets in more light. 

When it comes to finding the right solar shades for your home, it is all about reaching the perfect balance. If you only want to block out a little bit of light and enjoy the view outside your window, solar shades with a percentage of 10 percent or so are a good choice. Look for one to three percent openness for the highest level of light and UV protection. And if you’re looking for a good balance, five percent solar shades may be your best bet. 

Do Solar Shades Block Out Heat? 

By blocking light and minimizing glare, solar shades can keep your home cooler on hot sunny days. The level of heat protection varies depending on the solar shade percentage. The color of your shade can make a difference, too. Darker fabrics block more heat than their lighter-colored counterparts and are a better option if you are hoping your shades will help you cut down on your cooling expenses. 

Do Solar Shades Provide Privacy?

While solar shades are mainly intended for blocking out sunlight, they provide a bit of protection against prying eyes, too. They offer moderate privacy during the day, with lower percentages providing the most protection. If you are looking for something that will prevent someone from peering in your windows, a roller shade or cordless blinds may be a better option

Learning how to install roller shades is easier than you might think, and these shades come in colors to match any decor. Plus, roller shades allow you to block out all sunlight. If you would rather stick with solar shades, you can also maximize your privacy by layering another window treatment over them. 

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Finding the Right Solar Shades for Your Home

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