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Motorized Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Sliding glass doors work both as windows and doors. You can get plenty of sunlight and use them to go into your backyard or balcony. However, without proper coverage, they can let too much sunlight into your room. And the sun can be damaging both to you and your interior.

For this reason, investing in durable and energy-efficient blinds is crucial. You can always opt for regular or cordless blinds if you have kids and pets. But the best option on the market is motorized sliding glass door blinds.

These blinds are easy to operate as they don't require reaching for the cords or moving the blinds yourself. You can also use them at a distance. It's a perfect (and perfectly safe) solution for older residents, children, and people with limited movement.

Motorized sliding glass door blinds can have countless options, such as pre-programmed times when they close and open. You can set them to open during nighttime and periods with too much sunlight. That can help you monitor your energy consumption and maximizes your home's energy efficiency.

With motorized blinds, you can also choose between various UV-resistant materials that won't fade over time and ruin your furniture or carpets. They'll also keep you and your family protected, especially if you have small children.

Before you begin browsing for your blinds, find out how to measure sliding glass doors. This will narrow down your choices and prevent you from making any mistakes while purchasing your new blinds. Here's what you need to do when picking motorized blinds for sliding glass doors:

  1. Properly close your door to eliminate any gaps in your measurements.
  2. Measure from one side of the frame to another at the top, middle, and bottom for ultimate accuracy. 
  3. Measure the height of each side of the frame, again at three points.
  4. Measure the width and height of the opening without the frame.

Do these steps if you want to equip your sliding glass door with motorized internal blinds. For an outside mount, add three inches to each window side. For sliding glass door motorized blinds that won't come as one continuous piece measure each panel by itself because they can vary in size.

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What type of blinds are best for sliding glass door?

Several blinds are a good choice for sliding glass doors. Some of them are vertical blinds, Roman shades, and faux wood blinds covered in a lightweight fabric. However, the best are roller shades for sliding glass doors.

Are motorized blinds a good idea?

Motorized blinds have numerous benefits. They're easy to operate, safe for children and pets, boost your home's energy efficiency, and increase its value.

What is the average cost of motorized roller blinds?

On average, motorized roller blinds cost between $400 and $1,000. Of course, this depends on the brands available in your area, your window style and size, and the materials you wish to use for the blinds.

What are motorized blinds called?

Motorized blinds are also known as motorized tilts and smart window blinds.