How to Measure Your Sliding Glass Door for Blinds

How to Measure Your Sliding Glass Door for Blinds
Sliding glass doors are one of the most popular features in any home. They provide easy access to the outdoors, allow for plenty of daylight and offer a full view of the backyard. While their convenience and perspective are pleasant and helpful, these features are also limiting. Large glass windows need covering in times of privacy and during the night for the homeowner’s comfort and safety.

For these reasons, most people purchase sliding glass door blinds. These window treatments are the ideal choice for enjoying picturesque views and letting in light without sacrificing seclusion or privacy. Whether the interior of your home is modern or traditional, there is a beautiful and functional design for you. A variety of vertical blinds in several different colors and patterns will compliment your décor while enhancing your home’s luxury and energy efficiency. Roller shades and solar screens are also available.

If you’d like to browse or purchase sliding door blinds, it’s helpful to measure the doors first. Knowing their height and width will allow you to narrow down your covering choices and select an excellent product for your preferences and needs. Our guide will explain how to quickly and accurately take measurements for each type of sliding window in your home.

Deciding on the Type of Blind

While you may not know the exact blind you want, it’s helpful to first choose between sliding door vertical blinds or a horizontal type. While horizontal blinds are measured one way, vertical blinds require a different strategy. Choose between one or more up-and-down treatments. If you like vertical blinds, you will usually purchase a single covering.

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Choosing Inside or Outside Mounting

Now that you know whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical orientation, it’s time to select an inside or outside mount. Inside mounted blinds reside inside the window casing and do not cover any portion of your sliding glass door’s border. Outside mounted blinds are fixed on the wall and cover the molding around your window area. This choice depends entirely on homeowner preference.

It may help to examine your other windows or sliding glass doors to determine if you already have inside or outside mounting. However, many people prefer an outside mount for their sliding glass door to accommodate vertical blinds and provide easy access to the door handle.

Measuring for Horizontal Blinds

For an inside mount, measure the width from the left inside edge of the frame to the right. Next, measure at the top and bottom of the window and again in the middle. Write down the narrowest width of the three and provide that number to the manufacturer.

If you’d like an outside mount, measure to your desired edges of the shade or blind on either side of the door. Most homeowners decide on an extra 1-1/2 to 2 inches. It’s also helpful to consider the width of the window trim when measuring for outside mounted shades and blinds.

Measuring for Vertical Blinds

If you prefer an inside mount, use your measuring tape to calculate the inside width of your window where your blind will be mounted. Write down this width, because you will use it for ordering your custom coverings. Next, measure the height of your window on the left and right side. After you record these numbers, check the height in the middle. Select the shortest of the three measurements to provide to the manufacturer.

Should you select an outside mount, start by calculating the width. Measure to the farthest edges of your door trim from left to right. If your opening doesn’t have molding, measure from one side of the door to the other, leaving extra space (approximately 2 to 5 inches) for added privacy. For the height, measure down to the bottom of the window, leaving extra space for more coverage. Add about 2 to 5 inches to the top of your window for hardware.

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Ordering and Enjoying Your Custom Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Now that you have your measurements, it’s time to select horizontal or vertical blinds in a spectrum of materials, such as vinyl, fabric and wood grain. After you shop for the right treatment for your door, the manufacturer will ask for your numbers. In just minutes, you’ll purchase your favorite coverings and wait a short time for them to arrive at your door.

Follow the company’s instructions for installation. Afterward, you’ll be glad you chose custom blinds or shades to beautify your interior, reduce your AC costs, and create a relaxing destination of solitude and comfort for your guests and family.

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