3 1/2" S Curve Verticals

  • Uniquely shaped with an "S" Curve
  • PVC is easy to maintain and clean
  • Free upgraded square or round cornered dust cover valance
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles
  • Made in 3 Days
  • Width
  • Height
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    • Important: Inside mount blinds fit within the window casing and require exact window opening measurements. After ensuring there is enough window depth, please provide the exact window opening measurements, NOT the size of your old blind. The factory will make the necessary deductions to ensure proper fit of the blind within the frame.
    • Important: Outside mounted blinds are installed outside the window frame on the wall, window molding or door. Please provide finished product measurements after adding any necessary inches for proper coverage. Factory will make no additions or deductions to size provided.
    • Important: Side pieces added to the valance for a finished look. Valance returns come standard for blinds mounted outside of the window frame. For windows that are "inside mount", please indicate if you want valance side returns.
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    Choose Control Style
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        3 1/2" S Curve Verticals
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        Stunning S Curve Vertical Blinds

        Our 3 1/2" S curve vertical blinds bring an elegant, almost drapery, like feeling to your room. The unique shape of the S curve vertical blinds allows them to fit together amazingly, perfectly blocking out any unwanted light and offering maximum privacy. Available in 16 colors to match the specific design needs of your room.


        • MADE IN THE USA
        • Free upgraded square or round corner dust cover valance with matching insert.
        • Aluminum headrail with cord and chain or wand control.
        • Choice of cord draw: left, right, center open, center stack, reverse draw/opposite stack.
        • Aluminum headrail
        • Wheeled carriers for smooth traversing.


        • Standard Ivory Aluminum headrail
        • California registered flame resistant certified
        • CPSC Child Safety Compliant
        • Lead free
        • Standard and minimum Wand Length: 36"
        • Minimum Width: 9"
        • Maximum Width: 192"
        • Minimum Height: 9"
        • Maximum Height: 126"