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Wood Blinds

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  1. 2" Premier Painted Basswood Blinds

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  2. 2" Premier Stained Basswood Blinds

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  3. 2" Signature Cordless Basswood Blinds

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3 Items

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Authentic Basswood Custom Wood Blinds

Our Custom Wood Blinds are made of 100% real basswood. Choose from a variety of kiln dried stained wood or painted finishes; sure to fit every decor. Wood blinds are an elegant way to add warmth and comfort to any room. Among horizontal blinds, wood blinds make a better insulator than Aluminum Mini Blinds, and are a great choice for insulation as wood is a natural insulator. You may want to choose privacy/no holes or our decorative cloth tape option for added light control and increased privacy. These options also allow you to remove the slats for easy cleaning on those energetic days.

Custom Wood Blinds to Suit Any Design Need

Our Wood Blinds are horizontal style window coverings made from 100% real basswood. The wood comes with several stain and finish options, which will accent any decor. Our wood blinds are available in either 2” or 2 ½” slats, which provide a good amount of visibility when tilted open and optimum light control when closed. For even more light and privacy control, you can choose the routeless option, where there are no holes punched in the slats which is also commonly referred to as privacy blinds. The slats are simply cradled by the cords and notched in the back rather than having them strung through holes in the blinds. It is recommended to use the routeless option on an inside mounted wood blinds, where they will not be exposed to a lot of movement. Doors that are frequently opened and closed or areas that are open to children or pets would be better suited for a standard, routed option. Adding cloth tapes to your wood blinds is an alternative to routeless/privacy blind while maintaining privacy and light filtering.

Are Wood Blinds Right for You?

When selecting your window treatments, always consider the level of humidity in the room. Wood blinds are not generally recommended for high humidity or damp areas. Our Faux Wood or Aluminum Blinds may be better options for these types of environments. Wood blinds can be vulnerable to the environmental conditions and could sag or warp as the wood absorbs the moisture in the air. If you intend to decorate a bathroom, laundry room, or another area with a tendency to be moist - we strongly suggest something less porous than real wood, such as our Faux Wood Blinds. Our quality Faux Wood Blinds are often times mistaken for real wood blinds and make for a nice compliment to any existing real wood blinds you have.

Picking the best wood blinds for your home or office design is important, so to help, the most popular types of wood blinds include:

  • Antique White Wood Blinds
  • Black Wood Blinds
  • Cherry Wood Blinds
  • Espresso Wood Blinds
  • Golden Oak Wood Blinds
  • Hunter Green Wood Blinds
  • Light Pecan Wood Blinds
  • Natural Wood Blinds
  • Smokey Grey Wood Blinds
  • & Many More