5 of the Best Blinds for Small Spaces

5 of the Best Blinds for Small Spaces
If you live in a smaller home, you don’t have to remodel it to make it look more open and spacious. Instead of spending tons of money, try a few budget-friendly tips and tricks. Elongate the look of your walls by learning how to minimize clutter. Next, illuminate each corner of the room with lamps and lighting. Finally, purchase very light or dark colored shades or blinds to give each room more depth. The right window coverings for small rooms are not only visually pleasing—but they also help to keep your privacy while enhancing natural light.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to upgrade your décor, the following shades and blinds are sure to be both beautiful and functional. Select one style or install a variety of window treatments around your home. You’ll be glad you considered both style and performance.

1. Cellular Shades

Light filtering cellular blinds are one of the most popular small window shades because of their function and versatility. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and light filtering options, so you can perfectly furnish any room and window in your house, condo or apartment. Single cell shades allow you to keep your privacy while illuminating the room and letting the perfect amount of sunlight inside. Double cell window coverings are ideal for insulating bright, warm homes. They also reduce glare.

When decorating your small space, choose cellular blinds with a cordless option. Less hardware offers the best fit and gives the look of less clutter. Neutral colors like White, Ivory and Daylight will create a flowing, open feel in bedrooms, family rooms and home offices.

2. Zebra Shades 

Zebra roller shades are both sheer and stylish. Alternating stripes of solid fabric give you complete control of the amount of sunlight you let in. While your space will look bigger during the day, you’ll have security and temperature insulation in the evening.

This type of window covering is ideal for individuals, couples and families who want to make a statement with their décor. Unlike standard roller shades, zebra rollers have a unique and trendy flair all their own. Some of the most popular colors for small spaces include Ice White, Beige and Natural. Create a light yet lavish feel with hues such as Madera Ivory, Rolex Grey and Marble.

white roller blinds on windows

3. Mini Blinds

Mini blinds come in a spectrum of colors and sizes, so they’ll fit any modest-sized space. Their sleek and modern look keeps every room looking light and airy, especially in colors like White, Bone and Soft Gold. They don’t have bulky hardware, so your windows won’t look cluttered.  Plus, since they’re made of dent-resistant, quality aluminum, they won’t bend or scratch like many other types of small window blinds.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of style and affordability, choose classic mini blinds with a single-slat, matching valance. Popular hues for townhomes and tiny houses include Almond, Angel Food and Stucco. Fans of premier cordless blinds will like their shades in Mocha, Brushed Bronze and Brushed Aluminum.

4. Roller Shades

Roller shades come in different materials and light filtering options, so they’re perfect for either one small area or an entire home. This benefit allows you to furnish your house with one type of blind. Plus, since they have a sleek fit, they’ll enhance your room’s unique style without additional bulkiness.

Blackout roller shades are available in vinyl and fabric so you can go modern or traditional with your décor. They’ll keep the most light out when you have them down but can easily be maneuvered to maximize the natural light in the room. Some of the most popular vinyl colors for small rooms include White, Beige and Cream. If you prefer a luxe feel, choose fabric shades in Ivory, Grey or Linen.

5. Solar Shades 

This special type of roller shade helps filter sunlight in, especially bright rooms. In addition, solar shades are a great option for small patios. These innovative window treatments are able to block up to 99 percent of the sun’s rays. Use them to shield your family and furniture from harsh light.

Most people will prefer a solar shade that lets natural light in while reducing glare and sun damage–especially in a small home. Keep your kitchen or dining room looking bright with one percent solar screen roller shades or find a happy medium between a glowing ambiance and sun damage prevention with 14 percent solar screens. Some of the most popular colors for today’s homes include White, Ivory and Ecru.

window roller blinds

Enhancing Your Small Space with Custom Blinds

Every home is just as unique as its owner. The types of blinds and shades for penthouses, condos and apartments vary widely in their looks and materials, but they’re all stylish and functional. Whichever type and color you pick, make sure they have a custom fit. This will ensure your room appears light and open while maximizing the function of the window coverings you choose.

Measure each window in your home using our how to measure guide. Write down your numbers and then save them for your order. As you complete the checkout process for your favorite shades or blinds, the measurements will help to create special window coverings just for you. You’ll not only receive custom blinds in a matter of days—but you’ll also save by installing your shades, which means you’ll have more money for creating an ambiance you love. That’s a win-win for your family and your small space.

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