Getting to know Roller Shades PT2

After reading our first blog about Standard and Reverse Roller Shades we hope its easier to take the next step to getting the perfect Shade into your cart. Lets hop into some other options you have for our Roller Shades.

Why Choose Cordless?

Cordless window coverings have become increasingly popular. They are highly recommended for homes with small pets & children. Not only do they eliminate the hanging cord on the side of the window covering but it also gives the roller shade a cleaner, sleeker look. Another great reason to choose to go cordless is its a FREE upgrade! What more could you ask for!

The next upgrade option you have is to get a cassette valance. Unfortunately our cassette valances do not come as a free upgrade like our cordless does but I promise it is worth it. Cassette Valances will cover the top of the Roller Shade hiding the roll, giving the shade a cleaner look. All Cassette Valances come color coordinated with the same type of material inserted into the valance.

Roller shades are definitely the up and coming window covering option for homes. They are extremely versatile, come in all sorts of colors and material. Take a peep at some inspiration and give us a call if you need any help!


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