Faux Blinds Guide

Faux Blinds Guide
Before purchasing faux wood blinds, you may want to consider a few factors to ensure they will satisfy your window-covering needs.

Faux wood blinds resemble that natural glow and warmth of real wood. You will find that the faux wood material is made of wood composite, vinyl or plastic polymers.

Many faux wood blind options are accessible to homeowners. If you favor the wood look over textures, fabrics, and other materials than maybe faux wood blinds are right for your windows. But what's the difference between faux wood blinds and wood blinds?

The Differences Between Faux Wood Blinds and Wood Blinds

When it boils down to wood blinds and faux wood blinds, there are several key differences between faux wood and hardwood that you should consider before making any major purchases.

Real wood blinds remain extremely popular, and for many of us, there is no substitute.

Advantages of Real Wood Blinds:

    • The wood stain colors showcase the wood grain texture within the blinds

    • You'll usually have a larger choice of colors and stains to choose from

    • Much lighter in weight than faux wood blinds

    • Durability

An increasing number of homeowners are starting to consider the real benefits of faux wood and recognizing their overall potential.

Advantages of Faux Wood Blinds

    • Less expensive than real wood blinds

    • Durability

    • Perfect for homes with children and pets

    • Moisture resistant, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms

    • Easy to clean and maintain

    • Some even include anti-static properties that help resist dust

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood is easy to care for and will continue to look their best over time. Always remember to read over the manufacturer's directions before applying any cleaning solution. Typically, a damp cloth with mild detergent and warm water will keep the slats clean every time. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or sponges. These may cause irreversible damage. Then you can use a vacuum's brush attachment to remove any remaining dust and loose dirt.

Faux Wood Blinds Colors And Styles

Faux wood blinds come in a different assortment of textures, and colors that will complement the appearance of your home. There are so many earthly tones and textured colors in faux wood that resemble natural wood for a rustic look. Soft, smooth, and warm colors work well with modern or traditional spaces. Lighter colors create an airy and bright atmosphere. To capture a soothing coastal ambiance, try soft greens, tans, and blues with pale whites or yellows.

From faux wood blind options to other window treatments, we provide helpful tips to help you find the perfect window treatment! See our selection of faux wood blinds and other trendy window treatment options at Factory Direct Blinds today!

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