Best Blinds For Babies!



We are welcoming the newest member of the Factory Direct Blinds' family this coming August and we could not be more excited!  With the news of a new baby, there are nine months of planning.  One of the most important things to plan for is the nursery.  This will most likely be the place where your baby will be spending a lot of time during its first couple of months.  Hopefully there will be lots of sleeping taking place, and to help with that is the perfect window covering.  Woven wood blinds can be seen all over Pinterest.  Many are layering them with a draperies, but we like them best with a blackout liner.  Getting your baby's room nice and dark will help nap time to go smoothly.


Faux wood blinds are also a wonderful option when choosing a window covering for your nursery.  Be sure to choose the  privacy or routless option for optimal light control.




Here is another example of  woven wood blinds but without a blackout liner.  I love how it just filters the incoming light.




Basswood blinds are also a contender for children's room because they are durable and lighter then a faux wood blind.



Roman shades come in a wide range of colors that can really help tie a room together.  They also are available with a blackout liner.







Cellular shades are our favorite pick for baby's rooms.  The color selection that we offer is huge so we are sure you can find the perfect one.  They are available in cordless - making them very child safe, which is the most important thing when picking out window coverings.  For more tips on child safe blinds read our child safe blind blog.

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