Efficiency and Style Combined: Discover the Best Cellular Shades for Your Windows

Efficiency and Style Combined: Discover the Best Cellular Shades for Your Windows

Choosing a shade can be a daunting task for many. There are a lot of options out there and it can be hard to determine which window covering is the best choice for your particular needs. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are a great window covering choice for both efficiency and style.

With so many different types and designs, it can be difficult to choose – so we've compiled a list of the best cellular shades available on the market to help you make an informed decision about the best option for your space.

Best Cellular Shades in 2023: Our Top Picks

The best cellular shades available in 2023 vary in performance and features. Some shades provide excellent energy efficiency, while others are designed for total blackout. Since motorized control, sound absorption, and complete light blockage are also now incorporated, it’s more important than ever to determine the right type of shade for your needs.

From cordless shades that are easy and safe to use, to motorized cellular shades with blackout capabilities, here is a list of some of the best cellular shades available on the market in 2023.


1. Factory Direct Blinds Cellular Shades

Imagine being able to customize your shades according to the style and atmosphere of your space. Factory Direct Blinds’ Cellular Shades allow you to do just that with a variety of colors, textures and fabrics available. Not to mention, our advanced insulation technology and construction make our cellular blinds a great choice for homeowners looking to maximize energy efficiency.

You can also turn to us if you’re looking for top down bottom up cellular shades. These shades offer both privacy and light control as you can easily adjust the top portion of your shade to block out any outside glare while allowing natural light in through the bottom disbursement. In addition, our cordless lift option makes these an excellent choice for households with young children since it eliminates a potential safety hazard.

2. Bali Blinds Cordless Cellular Shades

Organizations like ENERGY STAR have praised Bali Blinds’ cordless cellular shades for their superior energy efficiency, making them an excellent window covering choice for anyone looking to reduce the amount of energy wasted in their home or office. With up to 0.27 R-value, these cellular shades can help provide thermal insulation and noise reduction benefits as well.

The cordless lift option ensures easy operation and makes Bali Blinds’ shades a great pick if you have young children at home who could potentially be harmed by operational cords (ENERGY STAR recommends avoiding dangling instead). And because it is backed with a lifetime warranty, you won't need to worry about any potential repairs down the line as all defects will be covered under this guarantee.

3. Levolor Cellular Shades

Levolor’s blackout cellular shades are great for providing complete darkness in any room, making them an ideal choice if you want to optimize your sleep environment or just need some extra privacy. In addition, these shades come with adjustable opacities so you can easily control the amount of sunlight that comes through your windows.

The unique design also ensures that air can still pass through the material, trapping warmth and helping maintain a comfortable temperature all year long. Levolor also offers several unique lift styles to choose from, meaning you can pick the one that best fits your needs and preference. Just be sure to double-check that you opt for a cordless version if necessary because some of the lift styles may require cords.

4. Hunter Douglas Cellular Shades

This manufacturer's cellular shades are suitable for large windows, as their single-cell construction allows for maximum light control and insulation. And with a variety of colour options paired with the sleek design, you’ll surely find something that fits your aesthetic preference.

Hunter Douglas also takes pride in its PowerView® ​Automation, which enables you to control your shades from anywhere with a remote or app. This tech-friendly feature makes their cellular shades ideal for those who want complete convenience and ease of use when it comes to adjusting lighting levels in any room. One drawback, however, is that the PowerView® ​Automation does come at an additional cost, so this technology might not be budget-friendly for everyone.

5. SouthSeas Cellular Shades

SouthSeas’ cellular shades are notable for their superior insulation capabilities and ability to block out UV rays. Plus, these shades come with top-down/bottom-up functionality, which allows you to adjust the amount of light entering your home in precise increments. This is perfect if you want more privacy or need a little extra light on dark days.

These premium window treatments also include integrated cordless controls so no cords will be dangling near windows where kids and pets could get tangled up in them. SouthSeas offers several unique fabrics that vary from sheer voile finishes for natural lighting options all the way through to blackout material perfect for those who desire complete darkness when sleeping These shades can also be on the pricier side.

6. Redi Shade Original

Looking for the perfect blackout window shade? Redi Shade’s Original shades are your best bet. Their unique construction makes it easy to install, and you won't need any tools or drilling for a hassle-free setup. These shades are also trimmable for the perfect fit inside or outside of your window frame. 

Redi Shade products come in several colours and sizes at an affordable price point so anyone on any budget should be able to find something they like. Just keep in mind that these don’t offer as much insulation compared with other brands' products which helps control temperatures inside the home year-round.

7. Calyx Interiors Cordless Honeycomb 9/16-Inch Cellular Shade

This shade's differentiating features are its cordless operation and honeycomb construction. Its cellular design helps to trap air in the pockets, which gives superior insulation, energy efficiency and sound absorption. The 9/16-inch pleats provide a better view when opened so you can enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing privacy or security. 

This type of shade comes with a perforated liner that provides total blackout coverage if desired while still allowing some light to filter into your space – perfect for bedrooms looking for increased darkness during slumber hours!

Calyx Interiors also offers excellent warranties on this product so don’t worry about spending money upfront – it could save you in the long run despite the price tag. These are on the higher end of the window treatment spectrum, but they definitely hold up to wear and tear.

Choosing the Best Cellular Shades for Your Home

To avoid confusion and just buying anything in a rush, you must understand that knowing all your options is as important as knowing how to choose. Consider the type of room, light-filtering shade needs and energy efficiency you need from your window treatment.

Cell shades are a great choice for their efficient insulation and stylish look, but they’re not one-size-fits-all — so make sure to research each brand before making your purchase. Here are the things you should do when choosing cellular shades:

Measuring Windows for Proper Fit

First, measure both the width and height of your window. The tools you need for this step include a metal tape measure or a cloth seamstress measuring tape.

Second, make sure you’re recording accurate measurements by marking the window with masking tape and taking separate width and height readings for each section of your window (top, middle and bottom). This will help ensure that any irregularities in size across different sections are taken into account when ordering shades.

Third, if needed, add additional length to accommodate mounting hardware like brackets or frames which can be found depending on the cellular shade brand you select. It is important to note that some brands offer custom-sized products so make sure you double-check before placing an order!

For irregularly shaped windows, take multiple measurements at various points around the window frame to ensure the best fit. It is also important that you measure any obstructions like handles or locks which might interfere with your desired shade placement. You can use a string or lightweight rope to measure hard-to-reach windows and then transfer that measurement onto your tape measure.

Considering Energy Efficiency Needs

Look at the product's energy efficiency. Insulated window treatments can increase comfort while reducing heating and cooling costs in homes by helping prevent heat loss or gain due to air leakage through windows.

You can also take note of some terms and values. The R-value measures insulation performance and how effectively it resists conductive heat flow, which is useful when you want an insulated window treatment that will maintain room temperature during all seasons. You’ll also want to consider the U-factor (the rate of non-solar heat transfer) as well as the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The SHGC of a shade determines how much solar energy is allowed to penetrate the window glass, which can directly affect a room’s temperature.

To determine if a product meets your needs with respect to these values, simply refer to National Fenestration Rating Council labels on shades or check manufacturer websites for more detailed information about their products.

Deciding on Style Preferences

Cellular shades also come in a range of colors, textures, and materials, such as premium fabrics or wood. When selecting a shade style preference, you should base your decision on the overall aesthetic look that best complements your home’s interior design. Consider as well how much light control is desired within each room. Choose higher-density pleats for greater insulation and darkness or select one with two-tone features to coordinate multiple tones in different areas. You may even want to opt for specialty shapes like arch treatments if you have unique window styles throughout your house.

Keep your preferred control system in mind, too. Many cellular shades offer top-down/bottom-up and continuous cord loop, motorized or Smart Control options with automated settings to vary the light level in a room while also regulating temperature and glare.

Budget Considerations

Setting up a budget in advance can help you make an informed decision about the best cellular shade for your needs. Determine what features are important and select accordingly, whether it’s top-down/bottom-up or cordless control systems that may require additional cost but come with even greater energy efficiency benefits.

Should you want to opt for budget-friendly shades or blinds for windows, turn to Factory Direct Blinds; we offer a wide range of affordable window-covering solutions without sacrificing quality or style.


Understanding Cellular Shades

Cellular shades differ from other window treatments with their honeycomb-like construction. These unique shades are designed to trap air in the chambers, creating an insulation layer that can help keep your home cool during summer and warm in winter months. That's why it's worth knowing how cellular shades operate, what their types are, and their power-saving benefits.

How Cellular Shades Work

Cellular shades have a unique construction that traps air in the chambers, allowing them to provide insulation and greater temperature control. Their honeycomb-shaped cells block out light while still providing privacy.

With these shades' geometry, they can be operated in two different ways. You can either tilt the shades to open them and control light levels or raise them completely for full privacy. The cells also act as barriers to airflow, meaning that you’ll have better temperature regulation because cold air won't easily flow through your windows.

Types of Cellular Shades

Cellular shades vary depending on their cell, orientation, cord inclusion, and manner of operations. See this list of how these features differ:

  1. Single Cell vs. Double Cell: Single cell shades feature one layer of cells, while double cell gives you two layers. Double-cell is thicker and better at retaining heat if that's your priority.
  2. Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up: This type of cellular shade allows you to open the shade from either end – top or bottom – giving you more options for controlling light levels and keeping privacy intact as needed. The best cellular shades on the market have these two features combined.
  3. Cordless vs Corded: Opting for cordless versions eliminates the worry about cords dangling around small children’s hands – a common safety issue with traditional window treatments.
  4. Manual vs Motorized Operation: If ease of use is key, then motorized shades are the way to go! Open and close at the press of a button or even via remote controls.

Energy Efficiency Benefits of Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are great for energy efficiency. They insulate your home from outdoor temperatures, reducing heating and cooling costs when used properly. By reflecting sunlight away from the windows and providing a barrier against heat loss or gain, cellular shades help improve indoor comfort by blocking UV rays and maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the house.

The combination of style, functionality, and insulation properties makes them an ideal choice for sustainable homes looking to reduce energy consumption while keeping living spaces comfortable all year round!

Get the Best Cellular Shades for Your Home!

You can always make the best out of any home appliance you need by knowing your options, how to choose between them, and understanding their purposes. But with Factory Direct Blinds, you can lessen the hassle as we provide top-quality shades and blinds that are designed to be energy efficient, stylish, and durable.

Our cordless and motorized versions give you better control over light levels, while our options allow for more insulation against outdoor temperatures. Make sure your living space is comfortable all year round – order Factory Direct Blinds’ cellular shades today!

Still unsure and in need of assistance in determining the best cellular shades for your home? Contact us now, and let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect match.



What material is best for cellular shades?

The best material for cellular shades depends entirely on individual preferences. While some may prefer the look and feel of pure cotton, others might favour a combination of natural fibres such as linen and synthetic ones like polyester or nylon. Ultimately, it is all based on your personal taste and budget – but no matter which one you end up choosing, make sure to take advantage of our wide selection at Factory Direct Blinds!

What is the difference between honeycomb and cellular shades?

Honeycomb shades and cellular shades are both types of pleated window treatments, but there is a subtle distinction between them. Cellular shades feature two layers of fabric, air pocketed in-between for better insulation and energy efficiency; while honeycomb fabrics only have one layer. 

The latter also provides more privacy than its counterpart due to the single-sheet construction that blocks out blinding sunlight when desired. However, current trends show that the two are being used interchangeably in recent years.

Which brand of window shades are the best?

At Factory Direct Blinds, we only offer the best-in-class and top-brand names you can trust. No matter what your needs may be – from custom blinds to faux wood blinds – we’ve got it all! Aside from our wide selection of products, rest assured that each one is backed by a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Which cellular shades are the most energy efficient?

Cellular shades are known for their energy efficiency and ability to insulate a room from outdoor temperatures. But if you want the best-performing option on the market, look no further than our reinforced honeycomb structure that features three layers of industry-leading insulation. Plus, this also comes with options for cordless operation so you can get easy access without dealing with long-hanging pulls – perfect for homes where safety is a priority!

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