Design Styles and Themes Create Beautiful Interiors

Design Styles and Themes Create Beautiful Interiors

Today’s design styles and themes offer a huge variety when it comes to decorating your home or office.

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There are many styles and themes from which to choose and coordinating a combination of styles if not uncommon. When it comes to decorating projects, you are the one to please and your decisions should be based on what makes you feel good in your own space.

Choosing an interior design theme may seem intimidating at first. But it doesn’t have to be when you know a little bit about the process. A theme is simply your ‘personal style’ when it comes to decorating. Using your own personal tastes and interest helps you create your own personal theme.

Themes can be determined by considering the following:

Think about what you like and enjoy. Are you a beach lover? Do you prefer the solitude and serenity of the mountains? Do you have an interest in history? Regardless of your personal interests, they can be turned into a theme for your decorating projects. Your theme is all about what you enjoy and what makes you happy and content.

Themes are ways to express who you are and what you like. Decorating projects should be chosen carefully since most people don’t change themes frequently. Be sure you choose a theme you enjoy and that you can peacefully live with every day. If your theme is in conflict with your personal interests, you may be headed for unhappiness with your finished product.

Don’t assume you have to over-do a theme. It is possible incorporate a theme into a room simply and inexpensively. If you believe that you want to create a theme around the idea of a safari, then keep it simple. Use greens and browns as color palettes and then add accessories throughout the space to bring the theme to life. Pictures, books, lamps, vases, and other accessories can bring the theme to life. The great thing is that they can also be easily changed if your ideas about theme change over time too. A few well-placed accessories can make your theme come to life.

Themes are just part of the decorating project. It’s also important to consider style. When it comes to style, keep these tips in mind:

Think about various styles such as Victorian, English, Contemporary, Eclectic, Gregorian, or other styles. What is most pleasing to you and what makes you happy? Consider various styles and if you like more than one, decide if they can be meshed together in some way. But be careful – intermingling multiple styles can result in a feeling of chaos.

When choosing a style, consider where you are most comfortable and happy. Think about nature and what inspires you. Do you enjoy a country scene or are you drawn to the hustle and bustle of a large city? Do you prefer a more modern look or do you want your room to appear as though someone just stepped into the 18th century? Style is a reflection of your personality and you should be happy in the space you design.

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Styles and themes allow you to create a space that comes alive with various elements. You can bring the outdoors in by adding plants, artwork, and accessories that mimic nature. You can create a beach theme and style by using a splash of ocean blue on the walls, sandy cream rugs on the floor, and sea-shelled adorned lamps on wicker tables. Bring the safari theme and style alive with moss green walls, brown wood flooring, elephant leg side tables, and artwork that brings nature to your home.

Let your design styles and themes reflect who you are and what you love. No matter what you do, do what you love and you’ll enjoy the space you’ve created.

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