Design Tips and Ideas for Amateurs

Design Tips and Ideas for Amateurs

If you’re considering a design project but are not sure how to get started, then you’ll find these design tips and ideas an important part of the process.

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Knowing how to get started is an important part of the process. Depending on the size of the project you are considering, these tips and ideas can help you create a plan that will result in simple or dramatic changes in your space – it all depends on how much change you want to make.

When considering a design project, take the following design tips and ideas into account:

Establish a budget. Nothing is worse than creating a project, selecting design elements such as fabrics, furniture, artwork, or other elements, and then discovering that you are way over your head financially. Decide how much you are able and willing to spend on a project and work around that amount. You will find that this is an easy way to manage your project once the financial decisions are made.

Don’t assume you already know what you want. Creative ideas abound when it comes to decorating projects. Visit your local bookstore or library and browse the catalogs. Purchase some quality decorating magazines and look at the various types of design. Get busy on the Internet and visit home decorating sites for project ideas. Once you open your eyes to the potential design ideas around you, you will become more creative and excited about your project.

Decide on a color theme. As simple as it seems, color is the most essential part of the design project. Design tips and ideas always start with this concept. Once you select a color, everything revolves around that color. It is always best to choose two main colors and one or two accent colors. Once the primary color is chosen, you can decide on additional accents to complement this one.

Always thinks about pattern and texture in the room. Some people are naturally drawn to muted, solid, neutral colors. This is a great way to create a designer room. It can be accentuated and punctuated with pops of color from pillows or other accessories like vertical or honeycomb blinds. Other people seek colorful, dramatic colors and textures and that’s great too. Decide what you like best and work with that idea. It’s recommended that you have at least 2-3 different patterns and textures in a room. Mixing stripes, floral patterns, and geometric designs can have a dramatic effect when there is a central color them that draws them all together.

Decide what is most important to you. Once you’ve set a budget, decided on color, and considered the major elements you need, it’s time to think about order of priority. What is most important? Does your budget accommodate all of your design desires? Is it more important to have electrical wiring done for new lighting or would you prefer your dollars go towards new furniture. Decide what is important and prioritize your project plans.

Once you’ve made decisions about your project and are ready to get started, you’ll find that things are much easier than you expected. Don’t make it a chore when it comes to design projects. These projects should be fun and exciting! Design tips and ideas are just the beginning – now let your imagination run wild.

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