Our Favorite Child-Safe Window Blinds and Shades

Our Favorite Child-Safe Window Blinds and Shades
If you have children (or adventurous small pets), window safety needs to be on your radar. Research on kid-safe blinds suggests that more than one child a month dies after becoming tangled up in the cords from window blinds and shades.

However, if you shop smart, you’ll never have to worry about whether your window treatments are child-safe. Many styles available today are cordless blinds and shades, which eliminates the risk your family faces entirely.

When it comes to keeping your kids safe, there’s no time like the present. Here are our favorite child-safe window treatments:

Classic style on a budget

Wood blinds are all the rage across the U.S., but they can pack a hefty price tag. This is the latest faux wood product at Factory Direct Blinds, and the look and feel are the best we’ve seen to date. These blinds come in a few different shades of white, making them a fit for any home.

Cordless 2” Classic Faux Wood Blinds

(Cordless 2” Classic Faux Wood Blinds)

Contemporary look (and your best night’s sleep)

These sleek roller shades come in cordless and a variety of trendy colors. We love their simple lines. The fact that these are blackout shades is a bonus. They’re great for kids and adults alike, ideal for naptime, watching movies during the day and blocking out the rest of the world while you relax.

Modern Blackout Roller Shades

(Modern Blackout Roller Shades)

Vertical blinds with a chic upgrade

If you love the way vertical blinds work but loathe the appearance of PVC, these are the luxurious upgrades you’re looking for. Made with fabric and an ultra-quiet rolling mechanism, they take the old-school verticals into the 21st century.

3 ½” Fabric Verticals from the Atlanta Collection

(3 ½” Fabric Verticals from the Atlanta Collection)

Easy elegance with a custom feel

With 11 different stains to choose from, these American-made wood blinds offer UV protection for all the rooms in your house. They’re also CPSC safety compliant, which makes them a top-notch choice for family homes.

2” Cordless Signature Basswood Blinds

(2” Cordless Signature Basswood Blinds)

Traditional window treatments with a twist

These Roman shades offer a unique take on a favorite. While the design is expected, the textures and colors of the natural materials they’re made from are anything but. They’re also completely cordless and a Certified Best for Kids window treatment.

Cordless Woven Wood Shades

(Cordless Woven Wood Shades)

Ultimate flexibility for any room

These premium, light-filtering child-safe window shades allow you to customize the amount of light that enters your room. The cordless top down bottom up design features a blackout shade on the bottom, enabling you to transform your interior 24/7.

Day and Night Cellular Shades 5/8” Single Cell Shades

(Day and Night Cellular Shades 5/8” Single Cell Shades)

Simple and soft

This Certified Best for Kids window treatment diffuses light into a soft glow, making every room warm and inviting no matter the time of day. It’s a favorite in rooms with full light from dawn to dusk, as well as bathrooms and nurseries.

Simplistic Cordless Pleated Shades

(Simplistic Cordless Pleated Shades)

How to Ensure Your Children Are Safe Around Corded Blinds

We can’t always control our surroundings, but we can do our best to eliminate safety risks. If you’re visiting a home with corded blinds or you’re living in a residence where corded blinds are already installed, here are five precautions you can take today to keep your kids safe until you’re back home—or you can replace your window coverings.

    • Install cord wind-ups or cord-keepers, which are designed to shorten window covering cords so that they’re out of the reach of children.

    • Move furniture, like cribs, beds and chairs, away from blinds so that children cannot climb up to reach the cords.

    • Wrap cords around temporary hooks attached to the wall or window near the top of the blinds so that kids are unable to play with the strings.

    • Anchor continuous loop cords to either the floor or the wall so that they can’t be wrapped around children’s necks or limbs.

    • Be present and watchful while your children are in rooms with corded blinds. Strangulation can occur in under a minute, and you won’t hear it happening.

Remember, the best way to keep your family safe is to install child-safe window treatments as soon as you can. These are stop-gap measures and shouldn’t be considered long-term child safety solutions.

Not sure if the blinds or shades you’re interested in are kid-safe? Look for the CPSC safety rating as you shop. That indicates the window coverings meet current child safety guidelines.

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