How to Remove Roller Shades - A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Remove Roller Shades - A Step-by-Step Guide
When it comes to window coverings, roller shades are stylish and durable enough to last for many years. While you won’t have to replace them for a while, you may want to take them down from time to time in order to adjust or clean them. Whether you’re new to roller shades or have never taken them down before, we have an easy step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Learn the best tips for removing rollers from start to finish so you can save time, stress, and energy while completing your DIY project or improving your interior décor.

Step 1: Determine What Kind of Shades You Have

There are two styles of roller shades: Standard and Cassette. These terms refer to the type of headrail. To determine which type you have, look to the top of your shade. If you see a basic roller without an extra valance covering it, you have a standard roller.

Cassette roller shades, on the other hand, have a box valance at the top. This feature covers the roller for interior design and style purposes and includes both the roller and the brackets inside a single unit. While cassette rollers take a couple of extra steps, both types of shades are convenient to remove and un-install.

Step 2: Roll Up the Blinds & Uninstall the Cassette

First, roll your blinds up all the way to the top. This simple maneuver will make it easier to uninstall the roller hardware while preventing damage to the shade material. If your blinds have a cassette headrail, you’ll need to take it off the window or wall.

Some cassette shades only require you to remove the headrail with your hands. With other cassettes, you’ll need to remove the brackets with a screwdriver. Pry each bracket away with your tool, then remove the screws. Next, it’s time to remove any safety features.

beige roller shade on table

Step 3: Remove Safety Clamps & Remaining Screws

Some roller shades have a pulley chain. If your window coverings include them, you’ll need to locate the chain safety clip. It’s usually attached to the wall near the lower part of the window covering. Remove screws with a screwdriver and take it out of the wall.

If you have a standard roller blind, locate the brackets that hold the roller in place. Remove any bracket covers, then see which side of the brackets has the safety clamp. One side should have a post that holds the roller in place, while the other has a curved lock or clasp. Lift open the C-shaped lock, then gently remove the roller device out of the brackets. Now that you’ve removed the roller from its housing, grab your screwdriver. You’ll need it to remove the remaining screws from the brackets.

Step 4: Save Hardware & Screws

Once you take out all of the screws, place them in a plastic bag or reusable container with a top. Labeling the bag will help you remember where the screws belong. You can also put them in a drawer for safekeeping until you re-install your blinds.

If you find that any screws are in disrepair, make a note of their shape or type. You may even choose to take a picture of them to save on your smartphone. Visit a hardware store or shop online for replacements.

closeup of white roller shade

Removing or Replacing Roller Shades the Easy Way

To most homeowners, installing roller shades is pretty straightforward. Thankfully, removing them is just as simple. Prepare yourself with the right hardware and tools, like a Phillips head screwdriver and a set of plastic bags. Next, give yourself enough time to focus on uninstalling the blinds with care. In just moments, you should be able to remove your shades to repair, alter, or wash.

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