6 Reasons Sheer Shades Are Perfect for Any Home

6 Reasons Sheer Shades Are Perfect for Any Home
There’s more to the window covering conversation than blinds, shades and curtains. Each of the types of window treatments we offer comes with an array of advantages along with a distinct look. The sheer shade, however, is in its own category.

What Is a Sheer Shade?

If you have fine gossamer fabric on the brain when we utter the words “sheer shade,” you’re not far from the truth. However, sheer shades aren’t the same as sheer curtains.

A sheer curtain is a thin, gauzy fabric that hangs from a traditional curtain rod. While it does filter some light and does offer a little privacy, these sheers are more about the appearance than the function.

Sheer shades, on the other hand, harmoniously unite the aesthetic beauty of gauzy curtains with the practicality of traditional window shades or blinds. Like zebra blinds, their design incorporates both sheer fabric and an opaque material to offer homeowners different light filtration and room-darkening options. Unlike zebra blinds, which alternate light and dark materials, sheer shades sandwich lightweight fabric vanes between panels of translucent fabric. This creates a completely different look.

6 Reasons to Install Sheer Shades in Your Home

We’ve established what sets sheer shades apart from the rest of the window covering crowd. But why are these special window treatments worth a second glance? Let us count the reasons you should consider installing sheer shades in your home.

#1. They’re beautiful

Whether you’re looking to soften a high-contrast space, add a bit of whimsicality to a room or layer more texture in your interior, sheer shades can help you accomplish your home design goals. They offer a more delicate appearance than basic blinds and can lend a warmer and less formal look to your home.

#2. They offer excellent light filtration

Sheer shades offer homeowners a lot of flexibility in how much light they allow into a space. When they’re completely open, with the blinds turned parallel to the floor, you’re left with essentially two layers of filmy fabric that filters out the glare from the sun without making your room look dim. Thanks to this feature, light-filtering sheer shades are also a wonderful option for finishing rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light during the day.

Light-Filtering Sheer Shades

(2” Light-Filtering Sheer Shades)

#3. They give you privacy

If you have windows facing other residences or a busy street, it can often seem like you need to sacrifice your views and your natural light if you want privacy. With sheer shades, you can have your window covering cake and eat it, too. The gauzy fabric lets you look out and enjoy Mother Nature and soak up the sunshine even when you’re indoors, but it also prevents onlookers from seeing exactly what you’re up to.

#4. They’re great at room darkening, too

Just because sheer shades are, well, sheer, that doesn’t mean installing them dooms you to waking up with the sun. It all goes back to the construction: thanks to the blinds element, they filter out light nearly as well as black-out shades or traditional blinds and better than many other unlined window shades and curtains.

Room-Darkening Sheer Shades

(2” Room-Darkening Sheer Shades)

#5. They’re ideal for disabled homeowners

Their lightweight design and sturdy build make sheer shades a perfect pick for motorization. In fact, this is an upgrade option we offer for nearly all our sheer shade designs (and for dozens of other blinds and shades, too). And because motorized window coverings are programmable, they can also offer improved energy efficiency in your home by automatically altering the levels of light they filter out—perfect for minimizing solar gain in the middle of the afternoon.

#6. They’re customizable

These window coverings can become a focal point in your home’s design for all the right reasons. In addition to bringing a casual elegance into your space, you can order sheer shades that work with your room’s color scheme. Our sheer shades are available in a variety of neutral tones with a few lovely pops of color thrown in.

No matter what type of window covering you’re interested in—or if you’re having trouble deciding between two different styles or products—the experts here at Factory Direct Blinds are standing by to help you make the perfect choice for your home. Give us a call or chat with our pros online today.

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