6 Most Energy-Efficient Blinds and Shades

6 Most Energy-Efficient Blinds and Shades
Looking to lower your utility bill without sacrificing comfort? Our energy-efficient window coverings enable you to do exactly that—with some serious style to boot.

Combine the latest in energy-efficient blinds and shades with our tried-and-true tips for making the most of your window treatments and you’ll conserve energy and save money at the same time. Keep reading for our top picks along with our quick guide to saving the world (and your wallet), one shade at a time.

What You Need to Know About Energy-Efficient Blinds and Shades

Shopping for new window treatments? If you’re looking for energy-efficient window coverings, you should focus on two types: cellular shades and solar shades.

What are cellular shades?

Cellular shades, also called honeycomb blinds, are composed of honeycomb-shaped cells made from fabric. The cells filter the light, creating a warm glow in your interior. The cell shape also creates an effective barrier between your room and the window glass, ensuring that your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Depending on the style you choose—including top down bottom up as well as single- and double-cell shades—you can completely control the amount of light that comes into your rooms as well as the effectiveness of your shades in trapping hot and cold air.

What are solar shades?

Solar shades are another type of energy-efficient window treatment. They’re designed like a classic roller shade. The difference is the material used to make them. Our solar shades are made from fabrics that are engineered to block out a significant percentage of harmful UV rays while still allowing light into your rooms.

Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, solar shades block anywhere from 86 to 99 percent of UV rays that would otherwise stream into your home every day, causing damage not just to your furniture but to your loved ones, as well. These shades are also excellent climate control aids. They’ll help your HVAC system of choice efficiently maintain room temperature no matter the season.

Our Top 6 Most Energy-Efficient Blinds and Shades

Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating your current haven, these window coverings are our top picks for energy efficiency. Here, you’ll find options for every interior design style and budget.

Best-in-class UV filtering

Our one percent openness solar shades minimize sun damage and glare. While they can be custom-made to suit most window sizes, they’re an ideal pick for large outdoor spaces.

Premier 1% Solar Screen Roller Shades

(Premier 1% Solar Screen Roller Shades)

Modern fit for any room

These solar shades block 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays and are available cordless or with a continuous cord loop. We love them for their versatile design options.

Premier 3% Solar Screen Roller Screen

(Premier 3% Solar Screen Roller Screen)

Simplicity that fades into the background

If you’re looking for window coverings that do their job without making a statement, these are the shades you’re looking for. Their simplicity allows your home and furnishings to shine.

Premier 10% Roller Shades

(Premier 10% Roller Shades)

Budget-brilliant honeycomb shades

These double-celled shades are smartly designed to make the most of your window treatment budget without sacrificing any style points.

3/8” Budget Double Cell Light Filtering Cordless

(3/8” Budget Double Cell Light Filtering Cordless)

Total control in a window covering

This pick combines traditional cellular shade design on the top with a blackout shade on the bottom. Use them in combination to create the atmosphere you’re looking for in your interiors, no matter how sunny it is outside.

Day and Night Cellular Shades

(Day and Night Cellular Shades)

Transformative window treatment

These top down bottom up shades come in a breathtaking array of 29 designer colors, making it possible for you to create the look of your dreams without blowing your budget.

7/16” Double Cell Light Filtering

(7/16” Double Cell Light Filtering)

How to Use Window Treatments to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Looking to make a big difference in your heating or cooling bill ASAP? Here’s how to make any blinds or shades more energy-efficient today:

    • Raise or open traditional blinds during the winter to let your home soak up as much warmth from the sun as possible.

    • Keep window coverings drawn over drafty windows to prevent swings in interior temperature—or allowing heated air to escape.

    • Close blinds or shades during summer days to keep your home cool without needing to blast your air conditioning.

    • Layer shades or blinds behind drapes to build a more effective thermal barrier.

With these tips in hand along with our energy-efficient shade and blind shopping guide, you’re set to save from season to season. Whether you’re keeping your family warm as the temperatures drop or you want a cool down without cranking up the AC, these top picks and energy-efficient tricks will help you achieve your goals without boosting your bills.

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