A Step-by-Step Guide: Choosing the Perfect Blinds for Your Dining Room

A Step-by-Step Guide: Choosing the Perfect Blinds for Your Dining Room

When you envision the perfect dining room for your home, you may imagine a large table, a stunning armoire or an opulent hanging lamp. While these details are sure to add to any gathering space, your window treatments are just as important. Dining room blinds and shades are essential to blocking glare and ensure privacy during a family meal. They’re also one of those interior design pieces that tie an entire room together. 

Whether you are purchasing a brand new home or want to upgrade to window coverings that are more functional and modern, there are a variety of options that are perfect for dining rooms of all styles and sizes. To find the type that is best for you, simply follow our step-by-step guide. We’ll explain which details you need to consider about your home, the types of blinds that are most popular among homeowners and how to get the highest quality products in the shortest amount of time. Once you are equipped with an abundance of helpful strategies, tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to transform one of the most important spaces in your home without creating extra stress or breaking your DIY budget. 

Step 1: Take a Dining Room Inventory 

Take inventory before you shop for blinds

Before you shop a plethora of dining room shades, it’ll save you time and energy to take a visual inventory of your current space. As you look around, ponder the following essential questions. The answers you discover will help you to find the best styles online. If you need an extra opinion, schedule a brainstorming session with your partner, kids or a friend. Don’t worry—it’s a lot of fun! Ask yourself the following: 

  • Is the room a blank canvas—or do I need to update the décor? Some homeowners don’t want to spend too much money revamping their tableware, artwork and colorful accent furniture to match their new blinds. Others are happy to completely renovate their dining room so they can go in a new direction. Before you go any further, think about your budget. Then, it’ll be easier to decide how much your blinds need to match your current décor scheme. 
  • Do I prefer a room that is more modern or traditional? Certain shades or blinds will look better beside classical or contemporary dining room furnishings. If you wish to evoke a fresh feel, choose sleeker shades, as well as coverings that are made of lighter materials. Heavier, more detailed coverings add personality and luxury. This is especially true for those spaces with antiques and statement pieces. 
  • Do I prefer certain colors or prints? Many dining rooms place their focus on preserving family heirlooms, showcasing wooden tables or decorating with a particular pattern or hue. In this case, only a few colors or prints will match the space. Have this in the back of your mind before browsing for blinds. As a result, you’ll need to check the store’s or manufacturer’s inventory options before you fall in love with a product. 
  • Does my dining room get plenty of sun? Glare and bright light always make it difficult to have a quality conversation. At the same time, an overheated space creates an uncomfortable gathering. Whether you’re enjoying an early breakfast or a holiday dinner at sunset, you and your family deserve to enjoy the view without any discomfort or inconvenience. Light-blocking and blackout shades are two window coverings that will easily make for a better dining experience. Sheer shades may look pretty, but they won’t provide any added protection. 
  • How often do I use the room? Every household is different. Some families save their dining room for formal dinners with guests. Other spaces get tons of traffic. If you expect stains, spills or excess moisture, you’ll want to purchase the materials to handle the mess. Easy-clean products are often the best choice. Areas that are only used once or twice a year are able to accommodate more delicate window accents.  

Once you have an answer for each of the questions above, it’s time to move on to the next step. Learn about the most beautiful and durable blinds for every type of dining room. Combining the details above with your new knowledge about window treatments will have you that much closer to finding the shades of your dreams.  

Most Popular Window Treatments

Step 2: Discover the Most Popular Window Treatments 

Certain styles of blinds look great in any room. Other kinds are specially designed to fit the most active focal points of the home, such as the dining area. Each of the following dining room window treatments consider privacy, functionality and durability. Many of them are easy to clean, especially since there will be food around. Some of the most renowned dining room shades and blinds include: 

  • Cellular shades: Since they match nearly any style of home décor, cellular shades are a great option. They’re also effective at filtering light. Choose from single cell or double cell coverings in both matte and semi-gloss finishes. You’ll find them in every color from espresso to ivory. Families also love them because of their cordless feature option. No strings makes them safe for children and pets. A tight window fit helps make your home more private and secure. 
  • Wood blinds: Sturdy and elegant, wood blinds are perfect for formal dining rooms. Basswood is one of the most popular styles, since it resists warping and fading over time. Enjoy luxurious details such as bold colors and a crown molding valance. If you want the same look at a lower price point, faux wood blinds are also an option. Besides being budget-friendly, wood-tone treatments will resist moisture, heat and humidity. They’re also available in the same spectrum of hues as real wood blinds. 

  • Roman shades: Both charming and easy to use, Roman shades are one of the most beloved styles for dining rooms. They add instant character, warmth and light-filtering power to your space. Plus, you can find them in a variety of bold prints. Select from exciting and head-turning patterns like damask and quatrefoil. The color options are also endless and include everything from neutral white and silver to vibrant saffron and coral. 
  • Roller shades: Everyone loves roller shades because of their functionality. Simply pull on the bottom of the shade and release to let more light into your home. When you want to close them again, gently bring them down with your hand until you reach the bottom of your sill. They’re excellent for dining rooms specifically because of their clean look and variety of product options. Customize your roller shades to fit your family’s needs. They come in several light-filtering options and colors. Along with their striking beauty and easy cleaning potential, you’ll also like their insulation and energy efficiency.  
  • Solar shades: Solar shades are a type of roller shade perfect for bright and busy dining rooms. Whether you live in a warm climate or have huge windows facing the south of your home, you’ll be able to block out up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. These shades are also helpful for homeowners who have expensive artwork or furnishings inside their space. Less UV light means your furniture and antiques will become less damaged over time. These coverings will also help you keep the room much cooler during summer. 

As you start browsing for style options, check out these shades and blinds first. The top manufacturers and factories should carry each of these types of coverings. Some stores will have more beautiful and durable materials than others. Researching the most reputable and customer-friendly companies will help you make the right choice. 

Step 3: Buy the Best Shades and Blinds 

Price and quality matter

Gorgeous, high quality blinds and shades are essential, but an affordable price is just as important. Before you visit your favorite box store or hardware shop, consider buying your window treatments factory direct. There are many perks to buying your blinds this way. These advantages include: 

  • Cost savings: Department stores and hardware giants have different types of the blinds and shades above. If you buy this way, however, you will pay more. Stores purchase the most popular window coverings from the manufacturer of their choice and then sell them for a profit. Instead of spending extra money to shop with your usual brand, it’s worth it to get to know an expert in shades and blinds. These savings will help you afford more blinds or purchase a style with more details and adornments. 
  • Free shipping: Factories pass on more savings by giving you free shipping. Since the business is to manufacture and ship a large number of window coverings each week, the factory often absorbs the cost of sending the products to your door. This bonus also allows you to direct more dollars to the highest quality shades. 
  • Lifetime warranty: The highest quality products often come with a lifetime warranty. Check with each website for the specific terms of each offer. Some agreements will provide the same warranty on every item, while others extend the bonus to only their best-selling or most premium products. 
  • Custom fit: You aren’t only buying direct from the factory for the beauty and savings—you’re getting one-of-a-kind, custom shades or blinds for your home and family. To enjoy this perk, simply learn how to measure your windows based on the type of window treatment you’re interested in buying. Add your numbers to your order and you’ll get each window treatment to your exact specifications. If you have questions about how to measure, no problem. Customer service associates understand you’re making an investment in your home and will do what they can to help you. Contact the professionals by email, live chat or phone—whichever you like best. 

Transforming Your Family Dining Room with the Ideal Blinds  

Without a doubt, the dining room is a focal point in the home for many families. No matter what kind of look and experience you are trying to create, a set of quality, custom blinds can help you get there. While your room will look absolutely beautiful, it’ll also offer the seclusion and comfort you are looking for.

dining area with custom blinds

Remember, if you have any questions about dining room window ideas for your blinds along the way, a factory-direct professional is ready to help you learn more about the coverings that are right for you. They are standing at the ready to help you determine whether the shades you like fit your overall dining room style. They’re also going to help you compare materials and features, as well as find the simplest way to measure your windows. Best of all, you’ll have your new window treatments in a matter of days. This means you have plenty of time to transform your home now for an upcoming guest visit or a family holiday. 

Now that you’ve read the guide and learned more about the perfect blinds for your dining room, you can feel confident that you’re investing in blinds to adorn your home for years to come. Their strength, functionality and easy-to-clean features will make life easier over the long-term. Their unique beauty and fit are also sure to inspire you to host more dinners, have more gatherings and create new, special memories around the table for you and your loved ones.  

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