You be the Designer

You be the Designer

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Your home is an extension of you.

Your home reflects your thoughts, creativity, and your love for a certain color or favorite pattern. Deciding on changing a theme or style or just coming up with one can be an adventure in itself. Your style is your own, but to make things flow you may need to incorporate another’s style. Design styles and themes can be flawless in ones mind, but putting the idea on walls and furniture can be another story. Styles change over time and keeping up with trends can be beneficial in the planning process.


It isn’t all about money its about creativity. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive items for the area you’re designing to look like you’ve spent a lot. Decide on what you must change in the area. If you have a small budget painting and adding accents may be an affordable way of bringing new life to a room. Setting a firm budget is the first step in decorating. Don’t let over budgeting destroy the design styles and themes you wish to design your home in.

Careful with that Color

Colors are magnificent. They play a key role in blending patterns and shapes. Don’t be afraid of color is easier said then done, but can bring distinction or life to a room. What a conversation piece color can be. Before splurging in that bold or bright color, test it! Always test paint in a small area on the wall before painting the entire area. Take a couple paint swatches and use that to determine if you want to look at bright sky blue all day long.

Use That Creativity

Design styles and themes can from a designers portfolio or from that designer pair of blue jeans and that spicy top you love. Clothes can be the ultimate inspiration in coming up with a theme. Your favorite season can be the foundation of your theme. Use colors from the simplicity of the season or get edgy and take bright colors that you favored as a child and still do and accentuate an abstract piece of art. It’s your style, your flavor that imprints your signature on the design theme. Taking a piece of history and focusing on that can take your visitors on trip to the past all while supplying a history lesson. There are no rules on creativity, and no standards when it comes to design.

Unconventional Thinking

Shopping can either be the scariest or adventurous part of putting the design styles and themes into reality. If your budget is light but your taste is on the expensive don’t fret. Thrift stores can be a haven on creating a unique room or home. Thrifts store have a tendency to have a limited selection. Using products that are limited in your design theme will make you work your on. You can say you truly created a unique work of art that can be enjoyed by all that visit your home.

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