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Your Style Your home

Your Style Your home

Everyday choices can affect your design styles and themes.

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Your style can reflect many design theories and ideas. Decorating styles can be combined. There is rule regarding what makes a design. There is no need to feel guilty about your likes or dislikes when putting a room together. No apologies needed for your love of color or aerodynamic curves. The design styles and themes you choose are an outward expression of you.

Addressing your style makes the transition from one style to another relatively simple. Choose a style and theme to resemble your flavor and your personality. May be you have traditional taste and prefer calm and inviting décor. Traditional design styles and themes use classic pieces but with a casual feel. Tones are simple and light. The lines of furniture and walls are gentle and not overly abstract. Contemporary styles are more in the modern phase of themes, slightly retro and definitely current. If you prefer to live in the now and not limited to a cultural standard. Then contemporary style may be your fit. This style is simple with clean lines and the focus of neutral colors. Victorian style is warm, deep, and intimate. If you enjoy rich maple woods and a cozy atmosphere then design styles in themes based in the Victorian era may be for you.

Maybe you don’t fit in those themes and prefer cultural designs of Italian, African Mexican, Swedish, or any cultural concept from a particular country. It’s your style it’s your home. You can blend styles to achieve a style that is your own. Use natural stone and wrought iron for a Tuscan feel and combine light airy colors from Swedish style. Your imagination can bring a touch of ethnicity to your home. No matter how many design styles or themes you use in your house. No matter what you like it is important for your ideas to flow. Your hallways should flow seemingly into all you’re the areas in your home.

No matter your themes, by blending colors and patterns your home will gracefully come together. Focus on the similarities that the different design styles and themes have. Even though you may like different themes there is something that brings you to them. So there is a common factor in the different styles. Balance is very important in bringing focus to your home. Focus on a seamless combination of moving from room to another. Don’t get caught up in what’s typical or ordinary. Have a purpose in your decorating process. It’s about details big or small that involve all your loves of any design styles or themes. It’s your style it’s your home and you want it to reflect your personality.

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