30 Inspiring Designs with Roman Shades

30 Inspiring Designs with Roman Shades

As far as window treatments go, Roman shades are perhaps the most versatile: they’re both classic and trendy, so they’re perfect for an assortment of décor styles. They bring a warm, natural texture to the home and come in a huge variety of unique colors and patterns to complement any space. Whether they’re used to add privacy in the master suite or to work in a hint of glam in the living room, Roman shades do a beautiful job of fusing fashion with function.  

In this window treatment inspo post, we’ll cover some of the most lovely and unique ways to work these wonderful window treatments into your home. It doesn’t matter if your design style skews earthy, industrial, eclectic, glamorous, traditional, coastal, Victorian or minimalist — you can bet that a set of these statement-making shades will help capture your unique vision. Remember, the one rule of interior design is that there are no rules, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild!


Before we dive into the good stuff, let’s take a moment to discuss what makes Roman shades different from other kinds of window treatments. The primary draw of this kind of window covering is that it offers a neat, stacked look when open — typically nestled at the top of the window frame — and a clean, smooth look when drawn. Because they can be adjusted vertically, you’re able to let in a whole window’s worth of natural lighting or just a sliver, depending on your mood.

Another benefit of the Roman shade is that it’s generally made of wood or fabric, which means that colors, patterns and finishes are virtually limitless. Indeed, you can add some serious charm and earthiness to your Zen living space with bamboo Roman shades or add some stripes, dots or florals with fabric versions. Think of these coverings as the perfect medium between typical vertical blinds and luxurious fabric curtains.

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As you’ll see from the following examples, this kind of treatment is apropos for any design eye. It’s been used everywhere from historic British countryside manors to cutting-edge boutique hotels, and it’s sure to bring something fresh and exciting to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office or anywhere else you want to throw some shade. Roman shade, that is!


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Hello, funky and fresh! This unique retro-mod kitchen is a serious breath of fresh air. Featuring wallpapered walls and bright-colored accents, this cool kitchen’s sheer white Roman shades tie it all together. And, as you can see, they’ll help quell some of that streaming, natural light when it’s time to focus on cooking.


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T A K E A S E A T #susanGlickInteriors 📸: @janebeilesphoto

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Touches of worldly design bring this inspiring living space to life! The cool gray Roman shades provide a dash of sophistication and style to the trendy white-gray color scheme, while the unique, sculptural elements help solidify the design. The natural light highlights this space’s moody feel.


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Can you say bright white? The aim of the window treatments in this pretty, crisp living space is to provide a little bit of privacy without watering down the bright, midday sunshine. A set of stylish white shades does the trick.



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Love this kitchen @homebunch just featured on their stories! 😍 I'm thinking of doing almost identical lanterns over our island. . I'm trying to decide between 2 or 3 of them. We have a large island, so I was leaning towards 3. This is a 14 ft. Island, though, and mine is only half the size at 7.8 ft. in length. Our lighting consultant advised putting 3 but I dont want it to look crowded. . I also want to put a Roman shade over our kitchen sink. These Roman shades are everything 😍😍 . 📸 @homebunch . . . . #lighting #lanterns #kitcheninspo #homebuild #lanternlighting #kitchenisland #islandviews #romanshades #beautifulhomes #newbuild #interiorinspriation #windowtreatments #newbuild #custom #constructionmanagment #dreamhome

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Handsome finishing touches — dark-stained counter chairs, lantern pendant lights and industrial fixtures — make this airy kitchen multidimensional. The handsome striped Roman shades add to its two-toned appeal and help keep the space from becoming an all-white oasis.


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Who says checks and dots don’t play well together? Sometimes, a little bit of experimentation lands you on something new and fresh. That’s definitely the case with this unconventional living space featuring polka-dotted shades.


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There are few kinds of shades more apropos for a dramatic, earthy environment than Roman shades. This all-natural dining space takes cues from the outdoors with its earth-toned window treatment, beehive-inspired light fixture and cool tree branch table base.


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You’ll feel like you’re dining in Old World Europe within this well-appointed formal dining room. The cutout valances paired with muted gold shades perfectly complement the elaborately engraved wood furniture, antique chandelier and rustic beam ceiling.


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Luxury at its finest.

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Gray roman shades are the perfect choice for any modern or transitional space, and we adore the way this room doubles-down with two layered gray window treatments. The earthy, eclectic finishes and earth-toned walls really enhance this cozy living nook.


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There are few colors quite as suitable for an understated glam space as silvery-gray. This posh, luxurious living room features a set of feathery gray Roman shades in decadent texture, perfect for playing against the textured walls and velvet upholstery.


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Fresh, beautiful, and homey.

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This breezy entryway is fresh, inviting and uncomplicated. Featuring our earth-toned shades, this room fuses rustic neutrals with teal and orange accents for a bright, multidimensional feel. We also love the way the texture of the pendant light plays against the sheer, tan Roman shades.


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Some of you already know this, but if you’re a newer follower let me give you the scoop: in addition to my “regular” design services, I also sell window treatments for a local company here in Chicagoland. ✨ (They’re not on IG or I’d tag them.) I’ve been doing a TON of Roman shades lately, which makes me happy because they’re a true window treatment double-dip. They’re a good choice for both light control and privacy, but they’re softer and prettier than most utilitarian shades. (You ever get a honeycomb shade look cool? Me neither.) I just want to give Roman shades a shout-out on this fine Monday, and thank them for being so awesome. Aren’t they perfect in a bedroom?⠀ ⠀ 📷 via Town and Country Living ⠀ ⠀ P.S. If you’re local and in need of window treatments, email me: hello(at)theroomkit.com

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Roman shades are great for the kids’ room too, just as long as you pick cordless styles. We love how this room’s window treatment gives the space a little bit of a grown-up feel, making it totally perfect for the teenager’s quarters. Added bonus: It will transition well to a guest room once the kids move out.


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There’s no better place for Roman shades than the master suite. They provide the perfect amount of privacy and tailored lighting so that you can darken the room for sleep and brighten it for reading and cleaning. This unique master design features blackout shades to keep out the harsh morning sun.


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Few color schemes are classier than black and white. We love the way this monochrome kitchen makes a splash with coordinating black and white window shades and kitchen cabinets. The luxurious brass hardware and island light fixtures don’t hurt matters, either.


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Talk about glamour! This ridiculous walk-in closet piles it on tenfold with the soft, pink-trimmed shades, mirrored surfaces and white furniture. When designing your over-the-top walk-in closet, Roman shades are a must; they keep your expensive pieces protected from glare and help maintain privacy.


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Waterfall Roman shades, also known as hobbled roman shades, are perfect for any space where you want to bring some extra texture and movement. They work particularly well in this airy master bath, and the subtly striped pattern doesn’t deter from the crisp, white finishes.


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With all these lovely examples of Roman shades in modern spaces, it’s nice to see them worked into a more classically styled environment. This warm, country space is teeming with charm thanks to the vibrant, floral shades and coordinating framed wall art.


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This refreshingly vibrant kitchen isn’t afraid of breaking the mold! As you can see from the brightly-colored teal window shades and retro pendant light, this space is the opposite of boring. The coordinating teal dining chairs and bench pillows give the space a fun, unified feel.


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What we love about this design is that the color of the textured Roman shades is only a subtle diversion from the color of the walls and furniture. It’s just enough to make them pop so that they become a stand-out design element.


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Don’t be afraid to match busy patterns with textured surfaces! This room showcases a unique shade pattern, but even when drawn, it doesn’t feel overwhelming or too busy. The pairing of the vibrant pattern with the textured wallpaper really makes it flow.


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This kitchen was completely transformed simply by changing the backsplash to a stunning marble herringbone, replacing the existing cabinet doors with an updated style and then spraying the cabinets on site. New hardware added just the tight touch! A beautiful custom Roman shade completed the look. It was quick, cost efficient and the end result looks current, clean and fabulous!📷@reginatamburrophotography . . . #kitchen #kitchenremodel #kitchentransformation #backsplash #kitchencabinets #romanshades #styling #neutraldecor #kitchensofinstagram #bedfordny #awesomeinteriors #adstyle #kitcheninspo #makehomeyours #instadesign #instadaily #trendingnow #inspohome #kitchenstyle #interior123 #stylishhome #interiorobsessed #gilded #gildeddesign #gildedhome #thegildedlodge

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There are few design themes quite as trendy as white on white. In this kitchen, the designer helps certain elements stand out — notably the shades and the backsplash — by using subtle white and gray patterns. While you still get the in-vogue look of crisp white, these warm textures help ensure that the room doesn’t feel sterile.


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Sometimes, it’s not a certain color palette or texture that ties a room together, but a broader theme. In the case of this retro space, it’s all about the geometrics. The funky, two-toned scheme on the window treatments works well with the bold, bright-colored accents.


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We’re head over heels for this comfy little nook. Roman shades make the perfect addition to any bay window, reading corner or window bench because they make it easy to relax without glare or harsh sun. This space pairs several unlikely patterns — an earthy tree print with classic stripes and florals — but the muted, earthy color scheme ties it all together.


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Fabric window treatments tend to get unfairly categorized as frilly and feminine. Sometimes that’s true — and we love it all the same — but this eclectic kitchen proves that this kind of treatment is also great for bringing a dramatic, masculine feel. The tassels and worldly stripes add some global excitement.


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Neutral-toned Roman shades, like the ones pictured in this chic, coastal master suite, are perfect for bringing the outdoors in. There’s nothing quite as classically coastal as sand-colored finishing touches, whitewashed walls and some nautical stripes here and there. The decorative driftwood is a nice finishing touch!


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Handsome, harmonious and high-style, this dreamy living space somehow manages to be simultaneously prim and proper yet super laid-back. It probably has something to do with the TV and the ample tufting on those dining benches. The crisp, white Roman shades give this otherwise muted room a bright pop by letting the sunlight flow in.


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Can’t pick a side? This utterly lovely and inviting living space is a great example of how many designers combine Roman shades with fabric curtains. Not only does this provide twice the room-darkening power — ideal for the bedroom — but it also adds an extra layer of warmth and texture.



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Just because this urban office is small doesn’t mean it can’t have some major personality. Every square inch — including the window treatment, of course — is covered with an eye-catching texture or pattern. The result is an intriguing, eclectic space that tells a story.


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This classic yet contemporary kitchen would be fairly routine if it weren’t for the unique purple-gray cabinets, industrial pendant lights and geo-patterned shades. We also love the finish choice on the hardware and lighting. The bronze finishes are pleasant but unexpected.


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This comfortable, cheery bedroom uses Roman shades to bring an extra layer of decadence and style. The subtle red tassels work to tie in the entire design scheme, while the heavy off-white texture brings in relaxed yet traditional vibes.


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This anything-but-basic living space challenges the status quo. Just because you like found, inspired, eclectic or antique pieces doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sophistication. The handsome window treatments look right at home in this well-designed space.

Clearly, it doesn’t matter where you fall on the design spectrum. So long as you’ve got a little bit of vision and the right partner for affordable, custom Roman shades, you’ll be well on your way to designing an environment that’s as stunning as it is sensible. Make sure to share your designs with us on Instagram!

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