4 Minimalist Design Ideas—and Why Cordless Blinds Are Your Next Must-Have

4 Minimalist Design Ideas—and Why Cordless Blinds Are Your Next Must-Have
Minimalism isn’t just for the sleek, contemporary crowd. If there’s one thing that Marie Kondo has taught America, it’s that minimalism is a way of life, not just a home decor trend.

Looking to keep it simple? Minimalist design is all about letting the things you love shine. Could that be a bare, industrial design? Sure. It could also be decluttered traditional or lightened-up French country or shabby chic without a slew of tchotchkes. Whatever minimalism looks like for you, these design ideas can help you get there.

Read on for our four favorite minimalist design ideas.

Streamline your color palette

Charcoal with pops of saffron. French blue and cream with a sprinkling of yellow. A suite of complementary shades of taupe. Whether you want to go bold or understated, color is beautiful, and when you pick one or two points of focus, it’s hard to get it wrong.

To keep your home decor minimal, pick window coverings that fade into the background or complement your overall color scheme. For example, opt for cordless wood or woven blinds that match the molding in your home.

No molding? Simple tan, beige or white don’t pull the eye. That lets the rest of your room—and your view—shine, not your window coverings.

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Eliminate the extras

How many doohickeys does one home need? We polled the experts at Factory Direct Blinds, and while they couldn’t agree on an exact number, they did come up with one appropriately minimalist directive for you: less.

Thanks to the movement toward tech-savvy and child-safe window coverings, “less” means furnishing your home with cordless blinds. Forget about the wand or the cord that dangles endlessly from your window frame. A minimalist home doesn’t need that unnecessary tidbit to distract the eye. Plus, cordless blinds are easy to use, even for those with accessibility issues.

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Do more with less

It can be tempting to overload our homes with dozens of low-quality odds and ends that don’t hold any personal significance to us. What starts as just another throw pillow turns into a mountain of stuff that seems insurmountable—and that follows you around from home to home because, well, it’s already yours.

Instead of shelling out tens and twenties for decorative bits and pieces, consider bringing more to your spaces with items you need—like your window coverings. For example, if you’re looking to bring more dimension to your bedroom, try swapping out your basic mini blinds with a textured cordless blind that packs a punch of personality.

It’s a small detail, but combined with rugs, bedspreads, upholstery and furniture, it creates an atmosphere that looks intentional and comfortable to live in.

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Rock the recessed fixtures

One easy way to update the look of your home and get rid of the appearance of clutter without removing the practical features you need in your space is to look for ways to recess, or to set things into your walls and ceilings. Recessed lighting is an easy DIY that provides excellent illumination and task lighting, while built-in shelving and cabinetry is a luxe-looking feature that buyers appreciate.

While you’re at it, consider installing interior mount window coverings. Interior mount blinds or shades are partially or entirely recessed, which means that they fit neatly inside your existing window frame and don’t require a bulky valance to cover the hardware at the top of the fixture.

Also: If you like the look of curtains or sheer panels but want more privacy, light filtration or insulation, interior mount blinds can offer you those bonuses without taking away from the look of your drapes of choice.

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No matter how you decorate your home, do it thoughtfully. That’s one credo of minimalist design that we can always get behind. No matter your budget, whether you’re shopping for lighting, blinds, furniture or decorative accents, you should always pick items that you like, items that will fit into the way you live your life.

And if they spark joy in the process? Well, that’s just a nice bonus.

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