7 Budget-Friendly Window Blinds and Shades for Leased Apartments

7 Budget-Friendly Window Blinds and Shades for Leased Apartments
You don’t have to own your own house in order to turn your residence into the home of your dreams. No matter the reason you’re renting an apartment or house instead of shelling out for a mortgage, you can make small changes that improve your quality of life without running afoul of your lease.

Many renters put up with living spaces they don’t love because they’re not sure what’s allowed and what’s not. Swapping out window coverings is one type of home decor change that’s easy to do yourself in the span of an afternoon—and remove when it’s time to move out. Whether you want to give your living area a facelift, give yourself a privacy boost or lower your utility bill, installing new window blinds or shades is a temporary fix that can lead to serious home satisfaction for however long you’re there.

Ready to upgrade your living situation? Read on for the best budget-friendly window blinds for leased apartments and rented homes.

Classic Wood-Look Cordless Blinds

Our top pick for budget-friendly window blinds is this faux wood product that’s available in a variety of neutral whites, off-whites and wood-tone options. They’re cordless and child safety certified, making them a no-brainer for families with young children. And because they’re at such an excellent price point, they make replacing window coverings in larger homes feasible without bursting your budget.

Cordless 2in Classic Faux Wood Blinds

(Cordless 2” Classic Faux Wood Blinds)

Sleek Blackout Blinds

If you’re working the graveyard shift or a rotating schedule, you need window coverings that let you get in your eight hours of sleep no matter when you make it to bed. These blackout roller shades block out 99 percent of the light. They’re available in eight different colors with white exterior backing, which ensures that they match your decor and look great on the inside and the outside.

Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades

(Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades)

Luxurious Real-Wood Blinds

You don’t have to break the bank to find beautiful blinds made from real wood. This basswood option comes in 15 different stains. Pick one that fades into the background or stands out and makes a statement. Whichever you choose, we’re confident you’ll love these quality window coverings that truly are the best of both worlds.

2in Premier Stained Basswood Blinds

(2” Premier Stained Basswood Blinds)

Vertical Blinds Meet the 21st Century

Vertical blinds have gotten a serious upgrade since the sixties. These faux wood blinds look and feel luxurious—and blend beautifully with our horizontal options if you’re dressing a variety of window types. You can also get them cordless, making them a no-brainer if you’re a parent or are expecting visits from your favorite toddler.

3in Faux Wood Grain Vertical Blinds

(3-½” Faux Wood Grain Vertical Blinds)

Energy-Efficient Double-Cell Shades

Double-cell shades can provide enormous cost savings to you every month by making your home more energy efficient. The layered honeycomb structure insulates your interior better than any other window covering design. Research shows they reduce heat loss in the winter by at least 40 percent and prevent solar heat gain by up to 80 percent!

Bonus: These window shades are top-down, bottom-up. That means you can use them exactly the way you want to without sacrificing privacy for light and vice versa.

7in Double-Cell Light Filtering

(7/16” Double-Cell Light Filtering)

Stylish Zebra Roller Shades

Searching for a budget-friendly window shade with a different look? This roller shade might be just the thing. The unique alternating stripe zebra design lets light in while still allowing you to darken your room. Their fabric construction lends a cozy feel and the motorization option makes them a great pick for homeowners with disabilities.

Light Filtering Zebra Roller Shades

(Light Filtering Zebra Roller Shades)

Decorative Roman-Style Woven Wood Shades

There’s zero reason that an inexpensive shade can’t add to your interior design. Need proof? Just take a peek at these Roman-style shades. The woven wood texture complements a variety of design styles while offering excellent light filtering and room darkening. Plus, you can now customize these signature shades to be cordless—excellent for families with small kids and pets with a tendency to get into everything.

Cordless Woven Wood Shades

(Cordless Woven Wood Shades)

See? Upgrading your home is as easy as refreshing your window coverings! It’s a low-cost home improvement you can absolutely do yourself. Grab a measuring tape, check out our handy DIY how-to and get ready for a home that’s infinitely more you.

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