Choosing a Designer

Choosing a Designer

Decorating projects can be overwhelming and intimidating to many people.

wood blinds window treatments 26With the help of an interior designer, they can become more manageable and fun. Interior designers are experienced in all types of decorating projects and their goal is to create a space that makes you feel good. Although they bring many creative and fresh ideas to the table for consideration, their ultimate job is to create a space that reflects your personality and personal style.

Choosing a designer means taking time and putting forth effort to get to know the designer. The client-designer relationship is important and when you are able to openly and honestly communicate with each other, it makes the project much more enjoyable. It can also save lots of time, money, and effort when your expectations are clearly understood and respected from the beginning of your project.

When choosing a designer, consider these important tips:

Choose someone you believe you can trust to listen to you. It’s important that they hear what you have to say. Their opinions are important, but your opinion is what counts most and you are the decision-maker.

Designers often carry a heavy load of clients so make sure your designer can give you the time and attention needed to manage your project. Ask how much time can be devoted to your project and what you can expect in terms of responsiveness. You should be able to get in touch with the designer quickly if questions arise.

Designers with experience come with referrals and customer testimonials. Ask to see feedback from previous clients. Also, it is helpful to see some of the designer’s work before you engage in the decorating projects. Ask your designer if you are able to visit homes where she/he has completed a project. Although it may not be the style you want, it will demonstrate the quality of work performed by the designer.

Clarify everything related to pricing upfront. Nothing is worse than getting to the end of a project and finding that you were being billed for every phone call to the designer. Find out how she/he charges for services, what is included, and what will result in additional charges. Get this in writing so you are both working from the same assumptions. This will help avoid problems and issues when the project is completed.

Be honest with the designer about your budget. Don’t have her/him spend hours searching for fabrics, furniture, accessories, and other decorating elements that you know you cannot afford. Discuss your budget and prioritize your personal preferences for the project. It’s important that you each respect the other’s time and preferences.

Once you’ve chosen a designer and worked through the basic logistics of the project, it’s time for the fun to begin. Working with a design professional can be a learning experience and together, you can create fresh, new ideas for your decorating projects. The finished project will be one that will make you both happy and satisfied with the work and time expended.

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