Organizing Your Decorating Projects

Organizing Your Decorating Projects

Anyone can decorate a room, but it’s the feeling that comes from the finished decorating projects that speaks success.

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If you’re contemplating on taking on a decorating project is essential to plan and organize. Interior decorating can be a pleasant occasion or a disaster in the making. Preparing for the time will you invest in your decorating projects will give you a testament in your skills and talents. Develop a purpose for the task and meaning. Giving your project purpose will ensure you will remain focused and diligent in completing the project.

Get a Visual

Take pictures of the room you will be focusing on for your decorating projects. Take a sample of fabric from a piece of furniture from the underside. Collect samples from your carpet, wood blinds and wallpaper if necessary. Accumulate these samples and carry them with you while you shop. This will keep you from playing the guessing game when an accessory or color catches your eye. You wont have to worry about if it will flow with your design style and theme when you’re able to bring your room to the store with you.

One Step at a Time

Now is the time to purchase a notebook if you don’t have one already. How many decorating projects will you be tending to? Write the name of the rooms on individual sheets. Label those rooms with items you want to decorate, such as walls, carpets, accents, color, furniture, windows, and lights. Outline what you want each piece to encompass. Number the items or steps in order of importance this helps you decide what to keep in your budget and what you can live it without. Organizing the decorating projects into sections will give cohesion to your project. Sub group any sections if needed, such as walls: molding, paint, and trim.

Combine The Visuals With The Steps

Use a plain folder or board to bring your designs and ideas to light. Decorating projects take life when you can touch the fabrics and see the colors together without doing so permanently. Place swatches of fabrics, patters, and colors in grouping according to your room on the folder or board to help you focus on one item at a time. You can purchase the items you listed and placed on your visual rooms by category. Keep all your receipts for each room separately. This can help you quickly return items for a room and adjust your ideas accordingly.

Getting a visual before and during your decorating projects will prepare you to use the categories efficiently and to prevent costly mistakes. Take one step at time rather then diving in and complicating the process. The result will be a well-planned decorating project that you will use your time efficiently.

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