The Ultimate Panel Track Blinds Buying Guide: Expert Tips & Tricks

The Ultimate Panel Track Blinds Buying Guide: Expert Tips & Tricks

Tired of staring at dull walls and doors in your home? Add a pop of colour and personality to your living space without breaking the bank with panel track blinds. This ideal solution really makes a difference in the home, and even mental health can benefit from great interior design.

In the world of blind trends, panel track blinds have been stealing the show with their contemporary appeal and versatile design. These sleek and elegant window coverings have become a go-to choice for many modern homes, and it's not hard to see why.

Whether you want to create a cozy ambiance, block out the harsh glare of the sun, or simply add a touch of sophistication to your living space, panel track blinds have got you covered – quite literally!

So, get ready to dive right into panel track blinds as we equip you with expert tips and tricks to help you make the best buying decisions. We'll guide you through the nitty-gritty details, from selecting the right materials and colours to measuring and installation.

By the time you finish reading this panel track blinds buying guide, you'll be well-prepared to transform your windows into stunning focal points that reflect your unique style and personality.

Let's get started, shall we?


What are Panel Track Blinds?

Think of panel track blinds as the cool and stylish sibling of traditional vertical blinds. While vertical blinds have those narrow slats that gracefully rotate to let light in or provide privacy, panel track blinds take things up a notch with their wider slats. 

In fact, these slats are usually two or three times wider than those of their vertical counterparts, creating a sleek and modern look.

Panel track blinds offer a variety of materials to suit your preferences. Woven wood panel track blinds bring a natural and earthy charm with bamboo, reeds, and grasses. 

Solar screen panel track blinds, on the other hand, provide the perfect balance between sunlight and maintaining your outside view, thanks to their specialized UV-filtering fabrics.

If you desire a touch of elegance, panel track blinds made from natural fibres like linen, cotton, or jute exude timeless beauty. With these material options, panel track blinds give you the freedom to choose the perfect blend of style and functionality for your windows.

One of the key benefits of panel track blinds is their incredible versatility. These blinds aren't just limited to being blinds for windows, as they can also be used as room dividers or to cover spacious openings, such as sliding glass doors and closet doors. 

Their wide slats effortlessly glide along the track, allowing you to create customizable spaces and control the amount of light and privacy you desire.

Choosing the Right Panel Track Blinds Materials

Selecting the right material for your panel track blinds is crucial in achieving the desired aesthetic and functionality. With an array of options available, each material brings its own unique characteristics to the table.

Let's take a look at the various panel track blind materials, delve into their specific features, and provide expert insights so you can make a smart choice for your home.

  • Fabric: Panel track blinds offer a wide range of fabric options, allowing you to personalize your window treatments to match your decor with unlimited colours and patterns. Fabric blinds are easy to clean and practical. However, they may not be as durable as other materials and can fade over time. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, fabric panel track blinds provide excellent light control and privacy, with the option to choose blackout materials for complete darkness.
  • Wood: For those seeking a timeless look, wood panel track blinds are a great option. Wood materials bring warmth and sophistication to any space, with the added benefit of insulating properties. Wood blinds can help regulate temperature, reducing heat loss during winter and minimizing heat buildup in summer. While wood offers durability, it is important to consider that it can be expensive and heavy. Additionally, wood may warp under humid conditions.
  • PVC: If affordability and durability top your list of priorities, PVC panel track blinds are worth considering. Easy to clean and moisture-resistant, PVC blinds are perfect for high-humidity areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. They are strong, preventing warping issues commonly associated with wood in the form of faux wood blinds. While PVC may lack the same aesthetic appeal as other materials and may not block as much light, its practicality and water-resistant nature make it a smart choice for functional spaces.
  • Solar: For those aiming to maximize energy efficiency, solar panel track blinds offer the ideal solution. They offer UV protection, reduce glare, and provide privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the outside scenery. However, they may not guarantee full privacy at night and have limited colour options. Ideal for living rooms, sunrooms, and patio doors, solar blinds also provide heat reduction and protection against harmful UV rays.

Here's a quick overview of each panel track blind material:






Wide variety of patterns and colours, light filtering, easy to clean

May not be as durable as other materials, can fade over time

Living room, dining room, bedroom


Natural and elegant look, insulating properties, durable

Expensive, heavy, may warp in humid conditions

Living room, home office, study


Affordable, durable, easy to clean, moisture-resistant

Less aesthetic appeal, may not block as much light as other materials

Bathroom, kitchen, laundry room


Energy-efficient, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy with a view

May not offer full privacy at night, limited colour options

Living room, sunroom, patio doors

Whether you opt for the versatile fabrics, the timeless beauty of wood, the practicality of PVC, or the energy efficiency of solar, panel track blinds will elevate your space and create a harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Selecting the Perfect Size

When it comes to enhancing your windows with panel track blinds, choosing the right size is crucial for a seamless look. A proper measure is key to achieving a perfect fit, and here are the steps to do so:

  • Measure the Width: Use a metal tape measure to measure the width of your window from edge to edge. Take measurements at three points - top, middle, and bottom. Record the narrowest width as your final measurement.
  • Measure the Height: Measure the exact height of your window from the top to the bottom sill or desired endpoint. Again, measure at three points - left, center, and right - and note down the tallest measurement.
  • Consider Overlapping: If you desire overlapping panels to minimize light gaps, add an additional 2-3 inches to the width measurement. This ensures full coverage and light control.

To ensure the perfect size for your panel track blinds, you should also consider the following factors:

  • Window Dimensions: Take into account the width and height measurements you obtained earlier. Select blinds that closely match or slightly exceed these dimensions for proper coverage.
  • Desired Coverage: Consider the amount of coverage you want for your windows. If you prefer minimal light gaps and enhanced privacy, opt for wider blinds that overlap slightly. For a more open and airy feel, choose blinds that provide sufficient coverage without overwhelming the window.
  • Aesthetic Balance: Think about how the blinds will fit within your room's overall aesthetic. Balance the size of the blinds with the scale of the windows and the surrounding decor. Larger blinds can make a statement, while smaller blinds can create a delicate and refined look.
  • Practical Considerations: Take into account any obstructions near the window, such as handles, cranks, or window treatments. Ensure that the size of the blinds allows for easy operation without interference.

By accurately measuring your windows and considering factors such as desired coverage and aesthetic balance, you can ensure a customized fit that enhances the functionality and appearance of your space.

Picking the Right Colour and Pattern

The right colour and pattern choice for your panel track blinds can transform your space, adding personality, depth, and visual interest. And although colour perception is subjective to some degree, some effects of colours are universal enough to alter the mood of a space completely.

Colours and patterns have the incredible ability to tie together various elements in a room. They can set the tone, create a sense of harmony, or make a bold statement. Consider the following tips:

  • Room's Colour Palette: Take into account the existing colour palette of the room. Choose a colour that either matches or complements the dominant hues in your décor. A well-chosen colour will seamlessly blend in or provide an appealing contrast, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Mood and Ambiance: Consider the mood you want to create in the room. Cool colours like blues and greens evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity, while warm colours like yellows and reds can add energy and vibrancy. Neutrals like whites, grays, and beiges offer versatility and can serve as a timeless backdrop.
  • Pattern and Texture: Patterns can add visual interest and texture to your space. Choose a pattern that harmonizes with the existing patterns in your room, such as those found in upholstery, rugs, or wallpaper. Patterns can range from subtle and understated to bold and eye-catching, so select one that complements your room's overall style.

Whether you opt for a bold statement or a subtle enhancement, your panel track blinds will add depth, personality, and style to your windows, elevating the overall aesthetic of your room.

Light Control and Privacy Options

Panel track blinds offer versatile options that cater to different preferences and needs. Let's shed some light on the light control and privacy options that panel track blinds can provide through light-filtering and blackout options.

Light-filtering panel track blinds gently diffuse natural light, creating a soft and inviting atmosphere. They allow some light to pass through while maintaining privacy. They're ideal for areas where you want natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Alternatively, you can choose to have blackout panel track blinds for larger windows if you want exceptional light-blocking capabilities, ensuring maximum darkness and privacy. Perfect for bedrooms, home theatres, or spaces where you want a cozy ambiance and no outside disturbances.

Consider the following factors when selecting the right option for specific rooms or needs when it comes to light control:

  • Room Function: Think about the specific function of the room where the blinds will be installed. For instance, bedrooms and nurseries often benefit from blackout materials to promote better sleep and create a tranquil atmosphere. The living area and home office could be improved with light-filtering blinds, allowing natural light to brighten the space while preserving privacy.
  • Desired Ambiance: Consider the overall ambiance you wish to create in the room. Light-filtering blinds lend a soft and airy feel, diffusing natural light for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Blackout blinds, on the other hand, provide a cozy and intimate setting, perfect for creating a movie theatre-like experience or ensuring a restful sleep.
  • Privacy Needs: Assess the level of privacy required in the room. If you prioritize privacy above all else, blackout blinds are an excellent choice, as they offer complete privacy when closed. Light-filtering blinds, while providing privacy, still allow some visibility from the outside.
  • Time of Day: Think about the direction your windows face and the amount of sunlight that enters the room at different times of the day. This will help determine the level of light control you need. Consider whether you want to maximize natural light during the day or create a dark environment for daytime napping.

Regardless of the blinds, shades, and shutters you choose, the right light control and privacy options involve considering the function of the room, desired ambiance, privacy needs, and the amount of natural light you want to filter for a functional yet desirable space.


Selecting the Appropriate Mounting Style

When mounting your panel track blinds, you have two options to consider: outside mount and inside mount. The outside vs inside mount debate is a matter of aesthetics and practicality.

For an outside mount, the blinds are installed above and beyond the window frame, covering a larger area. This option is ideal when you want to maximize light blockage or if your windows lack sufficient depth for an inside mount. With an outside mount, you can create a bold and dramatic look while ensuring better coverage and privacy.

In contrast, an inside mount involves installing the blinds within the window frame itself. This option offers a sleek and streamlined look, allowing you to showcase the architectural features of your windows. Inside mount is a great choice when you want a more integrated and tailored appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.

So, whether you have French doors, sliding doors, or wide windows, choosing the right mounting style depends on whether you have decorative trim you want to highlight or if you prefer full coverage for both visual appeal and practicality.

Customizing Panel Track Blinds with Optional Features

Optional features allow you to personalize your blinds, making them not only functional but also visually appealing. Check out these popular customization options:

Valances: These are designed to cover the top track and hardware, giving your blinds a clean and polished appearance. Valances come in a variety of styles, from sleek and minimalist to ornate and decorative, allowing you to choose the one that complements your room's aesthetic.

Edge Banding: This involves applying a fabric or material strip to the edges of the panels, giving them a framed and refined look. Edge banding not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the blinds but also adds durability and prevents fraying.

Custom Panel Widths: Instead of sticking to standard panel sizes, you can choose to have panels custom-made to fit your specific window dimensions. This feature is particularly useful for windows of non-standard sizes or when you want to achieve a specific look.

Consider adding optional features when you want to elevate the visual appeal, achieve a coordinated design, address specific functional needs, or make a style statement. With these customization options, your panel track blinds will become a true reflection of your personal taste.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Panel Track Blinds

Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving the beauty and functionality of your panel track blinds. By following a few simple steps, you can prevent dust buildup, remove stains, and address minor issues before they become major problems. This extends the lifespan of your blinds and saves you time and money in the long run.

  • Open and close blinds gently without excessive force to avoid straining the mechanism or damaging the panels.
  • Ensure panels are aligned correctly on the track to prevent getting stuck or damaged.
  • Handle panels with care when manually adjusting to avoid bending or misaligning the slats.
  • Use a soft brush attachment or handheld vacuum with a brush attachment to gently remove dust. Start at the top and work your way down, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • For stains or spills, gently dab the affected area with a mild detergent or fabric cleaner and a clean cloth. Avoid rubbing, as it may spread the stain or damage the material. Blot the area with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue.

Regular cleaning, proper operation, and adhering to material-specific care guidelines ensure that your blinds maintain their beauty and functionality.

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Finding the Best Retailer or Manufacturer

Choosing the right blinds for your home can be overwhelming, but fear not! From understanding the basics of panel track blinds to exploring the various materials, sizes, colours, and patterns available, you are now equipped with the knowledge to choose the perfect panel track blinds that suit your style and requirements.

If you’re in search of a company that offers the best selection of the best panel track blinds, Factory Direct Blinds brings a wide variety to suit any home decor or window frame.

With our extensive selection of blinds that fit any window frame or decor style, you can trust that we have the perfect solution for any room in your home. Whether you need light-filtering or blackout blinds or a variety of customization features, we have it all.

Your ideal window treatment is just a click away. Feel free to contact us and start giving your home a makeover today!


How do you measure for panel track blinds?

To measure for panel track blinds, start by measuring the width of your window frame from the inside edges. Next, measure the height from the top inside edge to the bottom inside edge. Be sure to provide accurate measurements to ensure a proper fit for your panel track blinds.

Are panel blinds any good?

Yes, panel blinds are a great window treatment option. They offer versatility, contemporary style, and excellent light control and privacy options. With a wide range of materials, colours, and patterns available, panel blinds can complement any decor and provide a functional and stylish solution for your windows.

How wide is each panel in panel blinds?

The width of each panel in panel blinds can vary depending on the specific product and customization options. Typically, panel widths range from 18 inches to 36 inches, but some panel blinds may have wider or narrower panels available. It's important to check with the manufacturer or retailer for the exact panel width options of the specific panel blinds you are considering.

Do panel blinds roll up?

No, panel blinds do not roll up. Unlike traditional roller blinds, panel blinds are designed to slide horizontally along a track. They stack neatly against one another when fully open, allowing for maximum light exposure and an unobstructed view.

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