Redesign Your Home

Redesign Your Home

Someone walks into your home and is taken onto a journey.

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A journey you decided and educated yourself about. Many reasons can facilitate a decision to update your home. It’s a new season and you want your home to feel like summer or spring. Maybe you feel like the colors or patterns you once loved are outdated. Design trends can change has rapidly has the seasons or the clothes you wear. You can restore or create a trend that can inspire others.

Love The Past With The Modern

Design Trends can take on an era or two. You can blend eras to fit your style or to craft your style. Combine the new with old and you have new traditional style. It’s the elegance of English 1700 décor with sleek American colonial form. The design trends of the new traditional approach consist of darker high glossed woods, revolutionary carvings on furniture, rounded ends and high arches. Consider adding dark or light colored wood blinds.  With this approach you have the option to periods of history. The textures and patterns are slightly more reserved. Larger pieces of furniture are exemplary in this trend and this allows you think outside your comfort zone and place larger sizes of art. Art can blend periods graciously without over powering the room. Think art rather than just simple pictures. Art is what you make it.


As the seasons change so does attitude and lifestyle. There are no rules in design trends. They can run together through the seasons and fluctuate widely. The summer is hot and the beaches are packed. The light comes through windows more efficiently and plays an important role in décor. The summer is great time to use chrome, silver and reflective accents to grab the light. Winter doesn’t have to be a drab. Warm colors bring depth and a feeling of warmth. Intense rich tones should be uncovered to allow light to silhouette. Winter design trends gives you adaptability of using throws and blankets on places you would never comprehend in the warm seasons. Add a splash of bright color to welcome the spring. Color is your best asset in redecorating your home. Changing a rug, curtains, or paint can transition a space for the seasons.

Balance Your Interest With Yearly Trends

There are always design trends that set a new way for the New Year. Ideas from the past make a reoccurrence. Ideas mixing periods with personality provides you power of applying your fingerprint in your decorating. Even if you are an eco friendly person who has gone green in so many aspects of your life, you can do it with style. Accents and bedding are bright and green. They boast of color and materials are green. You don’t have to follow design trends 100%. Add your flare to balance an over exaggerated trend. Your home should speak of you and balance can accomplish that.

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