Unity in Design Creates Pleasing Aesthetics

Unity in Design Creates Pleasing Aesthetics

Decorating projects can be a fun and exhilarating undertaking.

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These types of projects take on a life of their own. Using your imagination and creativity can help you create a space that reflects your own personality and style. Choosing decorating styles and themes is a way to show others what you enjoy and it is also a way to create spaces that are personally pleasing and welcoming to you.

As you create your design projects, it’s important to think about unity throughout the process. A well-designed room is not only one that is pleasing to you and that reflects your personal tastes, but it is space that is unified with a common thread through the entire space. This unity in design helps pull the room together and creates please aesthetics from every angle.

In your decorating projects, consider the following tips and ideas to help you ensure that unity in design remains in the forefront as you progress:

Choose a theme and style for your decorating projects. This helps you maintain a focus on unity and will make it easier for you to make choices of paint, fabric, furniture, and accessories.

Focus on a primary color for all elements of the design project. For example, you can use 2-3 basic colors in the room, but select a single color that will unify the room. Window treatments may be the anchor for the room. All colors used throughout the room can be included in the window treatments. Then other furniture and accessories in the room will revolve around those base colors. Maybe it’s the poppy red or ocean blue in the window treatment that is the unifying theme. You decide and then work with that color throughout the process. Nothing unifies more than color.

An excellent tip to help unify the space is to use the same color paint on walls, baseboards, and window trim.  The color of your blinds can be a contrasting or complementary color.  This is especially useful for small spaces and it will make them appear larger.

Once you choose a theme and style, stay focused on them throughout the process. If you’ve decided on a theme that highlights your love for birds and aviaries, keep that in mind. A discretely placed bird cage, a pillow fabric that includes birds, or other features of the room that bring the theme to life will create an interesting and surprising element to the design. Unify but don’t over-do it with the theme.

Lighting is also a good way to unify a room.

Well-placed lighting can pull areas of a room together and can create mood for the space. Use lighting to help complement the overall décor of the room and unify the space.

Avoid the use of scatter or area rugs throughout the space. They break up the space. Keeping the floor as clean as possible will help ensure unity in design. However, using a couple of coordinated rugs can create a smooth flow when they incorporate a unifying color or theme. The objective is to have any floor coverings flow seamlessly throughout the rom.

Rich colors in pillows and other accessories can really help pull a room together. As long as the color is used in other fabrics throughout the room, a rich, vibrant color accessory can help unify the room.

Create a space that is inviting and that gives you a feeling of happiness and warmth. Unity in design for the space will create pleasing aesthetics and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

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