5 Key Benefits of Cellular Shades

5 Key Benefits of Cellular Shades
On the fence about how to finish off your interior design? Window treatments are an important decorative detail that deserves careful consideration. But did you know that one type of window covering in particular offers a whole lot more than excellent aesthetics? It’s true!

Allow us to introduce to you the cellular shade, which will win you over on every level, from appearance to practicality. Keep reading for the top five benefits of cellular shades—and why every homeowner should be adding them to their must-have list.

Budget Double Cell Light Filtering Cordless Shade

(3/8” Budget Double Cell Light Filtering Cordless Shade)

#1. Contemporary appeal

Some home design trends can date a house just a few years after installation! Not so with cellular shades. While their texture and shape offer a certain freshness, they don’t read as a look from a single era. This makes them universally appropriate, whether you live in an urban loft, a historic townhome or country farmhouse.

And because cellular shades have none of the harsh lines that are prevalent in many modern design trends, they can help soften sleek interiors, making them feel warm and comfortable. They can also update older homes without sacrificing your personal style.

#2. Energy-efficient construction

Cellular shades stand out because of their unique design. If you look at them from the side, you’ll notice they’re made of stacked rows of honeycomb-shaped cells. These cells create air pockets inside the inner and outer fabric panels. Those pockets are top-notch insulators. They keep heated (or cooled) air inside your home and prevent cold (or hot) air outside your home from leaking through your windowpanes and into your rooms. That ensures you and your family stay cozy all year round.

You can purchase single cellular shades and double cellular shades. A double-cell construction creates two layers of air pockets back-to-back. That means increased insulation against drafts and extreme temperatures, saving you some major bucks when it comes time to pay your energy bill.

#3. Complete control over light filtration

One of our favorite features of cellular shades is that among our many product offerings, you can find just the right level and flexibility of light filtration for your unique situation. You can even customize one shade so that it filters light differently depending on the room!

Many of our shades offer a top-down/bottom-up design upgrade. This construction lets you decide exactly where you want your shade to be placed, blocking out direct sun without nixing natural light entirely. You can also combine single-cell and double-cell technology into one shade. How’s that for adaptability?

Day and Night Cellular Shades

(Day and Night Cellular Shades 5/8” Single Cell Cordless)

#4. HOA-friendly design

Wary of going toe-to-toe with your neighborhood’s homeowner’s association? With cellular shades from Factory Direct Blinds, you won’t spend a second worrying about a threatening letter regarding your new window coverings.

All our cellular shades can be made with an HOA-approved white backing that faces your street. This is something to consider when buying a condo as well, as the association will often have similar rules. So, while you definitely need to keep up with your lawn maintenance and you might need to compromise on your house paint color, what color blinds you choose is entirely up to you. Go with a classic off-white or punch up your interior with a pop of gold, silver or deep espresso covering your windows. On the outside, you’ll be good to go, no matter what.

#5. Perfect privacy

Feeling overexposed? Not with cellular shades. Whether you go with single- or double-cell window coverings, you’ll never have to worry about someone getting an unexpected glimpse of you and your family members.

For homeowners with particularly close neighbors or lots of street traffic, top-down/bottom-up cellular shades will give you the privacy you need at the onlookers’ eye level without covering the rest of your window. Measure for a snug, inside-mount fit for your window treatments, and you can live your life without feeling like you’re in a fishbowl.

Single Cell Light Filtering Shades

(9/16” Single Cell Light Filtering Shades)

Bottom Line: There’s a Lot to Love About Cellular Shades

From their great looks to their budget-beating practicality, cellular shades are a popular window covering choice for many homeowners. Should you install these shades in your home? Reach out to our team of window treatment experts to learn more about why cellular shades would work wonderfully in your house.

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