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Are you curious to know what is Pantone Color of the year?? According to the Pantone website, it is " A symbolic color selection, or a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude." "There is so much more to choosing a color than just fashion & design." Who would have known! When it comes to choosing the perfect color many people are excited to see what it could be. By taking a look at what the new colors are every year  it is the perfect opportunity to change up the style in your home. Since 2000 pantone has chosen now 17 colors and all colors are chosen a couple months before the actual new year. Pantone feels that these colors that are selected  actually reflect what is happening in our world.

What better way to welcome in 2017 than by adding in the color of the year to your home. This years color is Greenery. Greenery signifies new beginnings, a fresh start to a new year. Greenery is also tied to the pursuit of passions and vitality. This yellow-green hue can look great in multiple rooms in your home to liven and brighten them.

Living room:

Living rooms are the most common places families and friends tend to hang out. Whether its simply adding in pillows or chairs with this vibrant green, even a small hint can make you feel in tune with the environment.


Incorporating green in your kitchen can give it a refreshing feeling. Again changes to your home don't have to be drastic, adding barstools or a runner is the perfect amount of color. Choosing to only use small doses of this color in your kitchen can give tons of personality without overwhelming your space.

Dining Rooms:

Im sure you are catching on to the most common way in incorporate this color into your home. Chairs and pillows seem to be the easiest thing to transition in and out of your home since they can be reupholstered or covered. From all of the pictures posted to me it looks like this color truly brightens a home up.

Window Coverings:

Window coverings are the quickest way to catch the eye of a guest. Since windows are everywhere in your home incorporating this color into your blinds or shades can be easy. Of course matching the exact color greenery may be difficult but there are many options when it comes to finding the perfect shades.

Cellular shades are a very popular window covering for many reasons. They have multiple upgrade options including being able to really control privacy and the amount of light coming in. Cellular  Shades are also a great insulator. We offer some gorgeous green colors in our Cellular Shades like Spring Green, Water Green, and Avocado. (all pictured above in order from top to bottom)

Mini Blind are also another window covering that is common.  Mini blinds are extremely easy to utilize and manipulate to your exact specifications, which combined with their high level of customization, makes them an ideal and beautiful solution for any room. We have them in a couple tones of green, the two shown above are named Cactus Sage and Sherwood Green.

(Patterns used from top to bottom: Delray Sprout, Bethany Vintage, Menorca Lily Pond, Bermuda Sage)

Roman Shades are also another window covering option that is both decorative and used for insulation. All of our Roman Shades are extremely easy to customize, allowing you to choose the lining option, cord placement as well as fold style. Since "greenery" is the color of the year our Roman Shades can be a great option if you would like to incorporate the color without overdoing it.


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