Crazy & Creative Holiday Wreaths

Not all holiday wreaths have to be made of  garland. Adding a fun twist to this beloved holiday can make your home stand out. Let your creative mind soar, the wreath options are endless.

 Extremely Pink & Bright, this wreath screams girly and creative. It still feels like Christmas since everything used to make it is ornaments. This not only can be used on a front door but can also be used in your home as a main focal point.

Bring back the old memories by adding old vintage toys to a simple tinsel wreath. What better way to add holiday fun and flare to your decor.

Do you have a certain theme in your home that you want to incorporate with your holiday decor? Adding in small obvious trinkets can give people the obvious theme your going for. If your home is mainly decorated Hawaiian, adding seashells, ornament bulbs of sand and a cute flamingo can tie it all in perfect.

Calling all wine lovers! Starting off your wreath with tons of hot glue gunned corks with small bits of cranberries make for the perfect wreath. This can be the perfect addition to a kitchen wall or dining room wall as well as the front door. It shows the perfect amount of creativity and its simple to make.

A very Merry Victorian Christmas. The photo of this wreath pretty much sums itself up. Gorgeous blush faux roses and grapes can start the wreath off perfectly, adding in feathers and bows can be great fillers and to tie in Christmas add a little angel figurine.

A Christmas wreath made of Pom-Poms! Simple things that can be found at a craft store hot glue gunned to a wire wreath. Beyond adorable and bright, add in gold reindeer figurines & bells can add in more of a "Christmas" look.

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