Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Window Blinds for Your Restaurant

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Window Blinds for Your Restaurant

When you own a restaurant, your ultimate goal is to serve delicious food in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. To build a stellar reputation in your community and stand out among the competition, you’ll hire imaginative chefs and build a friendly wait staff. You’ll also make investments in quality furniture, décor and tableware. No matter the style of your restaurant or the food you serve, window blinds are sure to be on your shopping list. While they’ll add to the ambiance, they’ll also make dining more pleasurable for your guests. 

Why are good window blinds for restaurants so important? No one likes to dine in discomfort. One of the quickest ways to ruin a meal is glare from sunlight. A variety of shades and coverings are effective at reducing glare from the sun so your guests aren’t squinting while they socialize. Whether you’re open in the early morning or you tend to serve most of your guests in the late afternoon hours, your customers will always be able to chat and dine without having trouble seeing their meal or their loved ones. 

Window coverings with insulative properties help with temperature control, so everyone in the restaurant is cozy during the winter and cool during the summer. The benefits extend to your employees, who will be relaxed and focused enough to serve their tables with care. Business owners also love how quality shades and blinds can reduce utility costs and make their space more energy efficient. Another advantage is that you’ll prolong the life of your booths, chairs and decorative pieces by protecting them from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. When your furniture looks fresh, your space looks sharper and cleaner. 

Now that you know why you need the best window blinds, it’s time to find the right style for your restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced restaurateur with years of culinary experience, it still may be your first time buying window blinds for your company. Some business owners are purchasing their first storefront, while others are upgrading their décor. Regardless of who you are or what inspires you, our guide will help you find the right shades for your restaurant’s function and personality. The more you know about the top materials, features and styles, the more confident you’ll be about making a smart decision. After all, the right window blinds can last for years—or even decades. The money you save over time on your shades will allow you to invest in making your business even better. 

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Consider Your Restaurant’s Location and Climate 

First, think about the location and climate at your restaurant—especially in its main dining room. While you may have never thought about it before, these factors have an enormous impact on your customers’ overall visit. Recall a time when the sun was in your face during a meal. It’s not only difficult to see the person across from you, but it’s almost impossible to focus on the flavor of your food or how much fun you’re having. If a guest deals with these problems, they may not return. Considering all aspects of your space can help you avoid the loss of loyal guests. 

Take a look at how sunlight flows throughout your restaurant. If the dining room faces south, the sun will permeate the space most of the day. This may make it brighter and warmer than other eateries in your area. Diners in subtropical or desert climates will experience even more heat, especially during the spring and summer. Solar shades are a favorite choice in the restaurant industry because they reduce up to 99 percent of the sun’s glare. 

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While your patrons will now be able to see clearly, you’ll still be able to let enough light in to make the room look bright and inviting. Besides their effectiveness in reducing glare from sunlight, solar shades are also easy to operate. Only one hand is needed to pull down or raise open the blinds, so any employee will be able to maneuver them to their table’s preferences at a moment’s notice. 

Plus, since they’re sleek and stylish, they make every restaurant feel more trendy and opulent. Darker solar shades create a romantic atmosphere for dinner services and date nights while providing a chic look and feel in the daytime. White and neutral styles look neat and clean in both modern and traditional style eateries. 

Focus on Ease of Use for Employees 

Your customers are always your priority, but your employees are just as important to your company. You can set your staff up for success in every situation by providing them with easy-to-use window coverings. It doesn’t matter where you live—weather conditions can quickly change, especially if your bistro is open for multiple meal services. A cloudy day can suddenly turn bright and sunny, or an afternoon of storms may transform into a brilliant sunset. By investing in blinds that are quick and simple to control, you’ll ensure each of your employees can quickly operate them to your customers’ preferences. When the décor is taken care of, management can focus on other challenges. 

Cordless Blinds

Most styles of cordless blinds are an excellent choice because they are simple to maneuver. They’re also safer for guests of all ages than traditional blinds. Fewer wands, strings and cords mean that no one will get stuck or snagged while eating. Your blinds may also last longer since there are fewer parts to damage or break. If you’re searching for a unique variety of cordless blinds, top down bottom up shades let you control the amount of sunlight you let into your space while adding a charming, home-like feel to each window. 

Automatic features let you raise or lower your blinds with the power and convenience of a small remote control. Some systems are even available to operate by smartphone, so you can open or close your shades even when you’re not in your space. Once your automatic blinds are installed, you’ll be able to maneuver each one of your shades at the same time. When the sun is setting, a quick flick of the remote will lower the blinds throughout your entire restaurant. Once your team arrives back in the morning for meetings and begin setting up for service, they’ll be able to raise the blinds back again in seconds, so no time is wasted. 

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Incorporate Your Unique Brand  

Most types of window blinds are available in neutral hues like white, cream and grey. While these shades are sure to look great in every space, you do have a variety of other color options available to you. If your restaurant features a bold theme, a certain cultural flare or a signature color palette, you can make your restaurant stand out by matching your window coverings to your artwork and logo. 

A variety of solar shades come in unique yet chic colors like Charcoal and Chocolate. If you’re interested in light filtering cellular shades, you can get them in a spectrum of hues, including Moss and Leaf Gold. Classic faux wood blinds are available in dramatic shades like Mahogany Woodtone and Stormy Grey. Adorn your windows with light filtering roller shade colors like Ash or Black. 

Think About Cleanliness and Durability 

When you own a business, there’s a lot to organize, schedule and remember. The last thing you want to do is replace your window blinds on a regular basis. Style and function are important for every type of restaurant, but you also need to consider the fragility of your window covering material. Thin, sheer shades will likely tear or fray in a high traffic environment, while flimsy, low-quality blinds will bend in a short amount of time. In contrast, durable materials such as PVC and aluminum will stand up to wear and tear. They’re also easier to wipe down than many kinds of fabrics, which may need to be washed or vacuumed to become free of dirt and stains. 

If you’re interested in solar shades, consider spending a little more of your budget on premier styles. They’re made of the strongest and finest fabric solar shade material so they stand up to the demands of regular, long-term use. They also tend to stay cleaner than long curtains that you have to tie back and may catch dirt and grime off the floor. 

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Be Kind to Your Business’s Budget 

Each restaurant owner has a variety of different costs they need to consider. Some of them are weekly needs, while others arise at various times throughout the year. Food inventory, staff salaries and marketing fees are just a few of the mandatory expenses that can really add up in your annual budget. Thankfully, you can save on your décor without sacrificing the quality of your brand. Many of today’s budget-friendly blinds are just as durable and stylish as the more expensive varieties on the market. 

To find the most affordable and highest quality coverings for your needs, come up with a ballpark range of how much you can spend on your blinds. Don’t forget to calculate the cost of furnishing every window in your restaurant, as well as added functions and features, like valances or automatic controls. Now, it’s time to shop. Cordless faux wood blinds come in classic white, so they match every room in your dining space. Since they’re made of durable PVC instead of real wood, they’ll resist moisture, cracking and fading. 

Light filtering cordless blinds match almost every décor and come in colors like Antique Linen, Moss and Cool White. Complement your artwork and linens with the same color palette—or go with a neutral hue that will also work in your lobby and bathrooms. Other affordable yet popular options for restaurateurs include mini blinds and vertical blinds. 

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Quality Window Blinds Enhance Your Restaurant’s Brand 

While you’ll have to make the investment for your shades upfront, it’s worth it to get the right window blinds for restaurants. Quality window coverings will keep your restaurant more comfortable and decrease your energy costs. They’ll also add to the feel and personality of your space, strengthen your brand and make life easier for your staff. If you need more inspiration to choose your blinds, consider shopping for your must-have features first. 

Restaurateurs in tropical climates or with businesses situated by the coast may need light filtering blinds or solar shades before anything else. A cozy pub or diner situated on a foggy mountain top can benefit from cellular blinds, which let enough light in but help to keep chilly temperatures outdoors. Shopping by cordless or top down bottom up styles may also help refine your search. Once you know which style and colors you desire, make sure you measure each window in your dining area. Custom-fit window blinds will look better in your space and help to ensure that no added glare, uncomfortable heat or icy cold gets inside. 

By now, you know that the success of your restaurant is all about the details. The more effort you put into your business, the more you will grow and thrive. The perfect blinds or shades will help to complete your space and can even reduce day-to-day challenges such as décor repairs or costly customer complaints. When your business is running smoothly, you’ll have the freedom to invest your time and energy into brainstorming new dishes, creating unique specials and forging exciting dining experiences. In time, you may even find the inspiration to expand your space or open a second location. 

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