We welcome fall with open arms.

Say goodbye to the blazing heat and hello to colder nights, pumpkin scent, and orange hues. Here are some of the popular decoration trends going on now. 


FALL DOOR WREATHS: The most common decor seen year round are wreaths. Wreaths originated in Southern Europe, the first wreaths were made of Evergreen which symbolized strength. This is because evergreen branches were the only plants that could last through the winter. Today  they have become a very popular decoration for homes across the globe, they can be made using tons of different types of materials such as leaves, fruits, berries, branches etc, Both artificial and real. Though they have different meanings every where they are a nice touch to add a little more decor to your home.


FALL CENTER PIECES: Center pieces are very popular decor for dining room tables, mantles, coffee tables, etc. They can be made to your liking and can consist of ANYTHING from vases of flowers to candles. During fall the best table centerpieces in my option are leaves, pine cones, pumpkins, and flowers. Now I'm sure this sounds like a jumble of stuff but tons of inspiration can come off of our official Pinterest Page.  Just like at weddings centerpieces in your home can be a real conversation starter, they give it more color and personality.


PUMPKINS,PUMPKINS And MORE PUMPKINS! Safe to safe pumpkins are falls staple. They are fun and easy to decorate with. They can be hollowed and filled with flowers, they can be painted, carved, used as a whole and they will look great any where you place them!  There are millions of ways to add them into your decor, Local craft stores and home stores have tons of different sizes and styles available. Check out pinterest for other inspiration!


BLINDS & SHADES: Another way to incorporate the colors of fall is through your window coverings. We all know that the window coverings in your home are the first things people see when they walk in. They are a conversation starter and help add your own personal touch with what ever it is that you choose. One common window covering that isn't given enough credit is a cellular shade. Also known as Honey Comb Shades they are a great insulator, the cells hold trapped air and help create a barrier between the window and the room. Honeycomb shades can be a big help with lowering the cost of your heating bills throughout the fall and winter seasons. Cellular shades are a very versatile window treatment and have multiple upgrade options available including top down/bottom up and cordless options. If you are looking for other colorful window covering options visit our website!


SMELLS OF FALL: Making your home smell like fall will be the icing on the cake. You have tons of options, you can use candles, wall plugs, sprays, or even make your own scent! If you want to take a chance and make your own you will need to buy the following ingredients:

1. Handful of Cinnamon sticks

2. 2 Orange Rinds(orange peel)

3. (2) tbsp whole cloves

4. (3-5) whole bay leaves

5.  Fill Pot with Water & Ingredients

6. Let all ingredients Boil!



All in all these are just little tips to help get your home in the zone for fall. There so many more things that can be done! Let the power of creativity & holiday spirit take over!

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