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Helpful Ways to Beat the Summer Heat


Now that we are in July, the wonderful summer heat is in full force.  Sitting inside with the air conditioning on high isn't always the best solution to beat the heat, so we've come up with a few fun solutions to help make your summer more enjoyable.

Why not start inside?  Making sure your home is properly insulated is the key to keeping all of that cold air in.  A window that is not properly sealed can let out more cold air then you think.  Choosing the right window covering is the last step in keeping the cold air where you want it.  The most insulating window treatment are cellular shades . They provide excellent installation and even sound absorption in rooms with hard wood floors.  Cellular shades come in either a double or single cell and wide range of colors.   The choices in light filtration allow you to control i coming sunlight in any room.  The "honeycomb" shape is the secret behind their wonderful insulating powers.  It helps keep the warm outside and the cold air in.  They are also wonderful for a child's bed room because they are available in blackout and cordless, making them child safe and useful.



Sliding glass doors or patio doors tend to be extremely large and, in turn, can let a lot of cool air out.  Since theses types of doors are generally larger, most folks just assume covering them is pricey.  In turn this ends up hurting their electric bill.  Vertical blinds are our most cost effective blind for large windows and they can help keep your home cool by keeping out the summer sun.


Once you have your home sealed nice and tight, it's time to enjoy some sun shiney fun!  One great thing to do is check out what is going on in your local community.  Not only is it a great way to get involved, but most activities that are offered are free or very inexpensive.  Check your City's website for details about upcoming events.


If you're into DIY and fun summer projects, why not give this a try?  Build your own water park .  We love the idea of bringing the fun to your own backyard and the best part is you can enjoy it all summer long and not have to worry about the crowds.  Also it is much easier to keep a watchful eye on the kids.


Another great way to keep cool is to stay hydrated.  Water can be a little bland and boring, so why not mix it up with a few of these fun ideas?  Adding some fresh summer fruit to your water you can keep that summer heat at bay and you can feel good about it.  Kids also will be more inclined to reach for some fresh flavored water rather then a sugary soda.


Drinking water is a great way to stay cool, but why not eat cool too?  Having to heat up the oven or spend hours slaving over a hot stove is no way t0 stay cool.  I love the idea of being able to make something in the morning and just keep it in the fridge until it is time for dinner.  Pasta salad is a great way to do just that.  Here are 50 pasta salad ideas to help beat the heat and have a fun, filling dinner.

Staying cool doesn't have to be boring.  Staying hydrated and keeping your animals protected from the sun are keys to getting through the summer.  Be sure to keep checking in with for our amazing summer time specials.


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