History of Vertical

History of Vertical Blinds


These are a modern alternative to drapes and the typical horizontal blinds. Vertical Blinds feature slats that run top to bottom versus left to right. They also provide maximum control over light and privacy with an added bonus of low maintenance. They operate better on sliding doors and large windows which also glide from side to side.

All Credit Goes to...

Vertical Blinds were invented by Edward and Frederick Bopp in the year 1950. They were from Kansas City, Missouri and patented the blinds under the company “Sun Vertical” in the year 1960. Unfortunately, later that decade, they sold both their patent and the company.

Why were they invented?

Vertical blinds were first invented to overcome the weakness of the horizontal blinds. Some of the weaknesses these blinds overcome are their ability to remain clean. Horizontal blinds easily collect dust and dirt while the smooth surfaces of the vertical blinds help to minimize this dust collection.

 Today they have evolved into some of the most sought out for treatments in window decor. Their various styles fit all home owners needs! From new textures allowing openness to Fabric Vertical Blinds, the world of Vertical Blinds is larger than you would expect!

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